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Oceanfell is a region of Eidyn. It is bordered by Central Eidyn, Varden, Shuang and Gierkliff. It was once home to the Empire of Tyr, but was eventually succeeded by the Kronen Empire, the dominant polity in the region.

Charred Lands

The Charred Lands is a scarred area that was attacked by Abraxas during the Demon Wars.

Windseeker Eyrie

Main article: Windseeker Eyrie

The ancestral home of the Kingdom of Polvora. The island hosts a single towering peak home to a colony of Windseeker Dragons.

Library of Morwrol

Main article: Library of Morwrol

One of the last remnants of the United Plane, the Library of Babel is a hub of an infinite amount of knowledge hidden underneath the waves.