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Obreidhion is a continent situated in the southeastern regions of Khyorgan.


Obreidhion's consists of tropical rainforests in the south and deserts to the north.

Mountain ranges

Picos Mountains

The Picos Mountains are located along the northern reaches of the Gibral Peninsula. These mountains are a natural protective barrier for the Polvora Empire because they are extremely difficult to transit on foot. Thus, they serve to keep out northern invaders.

Eastern Range

The Eastern Range is a mountain chain along the east coast responsible for creating a rain shadow across the continent. Thus, these mountains are responsible for the formation of the Amacata Desert.


Main article: Archei

One of the longest mountain ranges in Khyorgan, Archei crosses from Andavronia across the sea, intersecting with the Khios Mountains.

Khios Mountains

The Khios Mountains cover much of Obreidhion's northern coast, and according to legend were formed from the spine of the skeleton of an ancient, colossal beast made of stone. These peaks go far beyond the clouds and are covered in snow year round. Many of the Allied Khionic Monasteries are located here.

Bodies of water

Gulf of Segara

Main article: Gulf of Segara

Offshore islands

South Nautilus Isles

Main article: South Nautilus Isles


Gibral Peninsula

Main article: Gibral Peninsula

Amacata Desert

Main article: Amacata Desert

The Amacata Desert is a vast equatorial desert just north of the Picos Mountains. It is a harsh, unforgiving environment. A boneyard circles around the very center of the the desert formed from generations of creatures and travelers having failed to cross the equator. The areas surrounding the boneyard are far more welcoming to life.


Main article: Bossniri

More formally known as Bossnirivhonicanioklythorn, Bossniri is a fertile region along the continent's western coast. Here, the World Tree resides.

Points of interest

Sky Fortress

Main article: Sky Fortress

The heart of the mysterious cloud empire of the Sentinels. Formerly home to the Sentinel Core. Badly damaged during the war. Currently, the emperor resides there as ruler of the Sentinels until a new core can be found.

World Tree

Main article: World Tree

A magical, immense and ancient tree. Worshiped by the Wood Elves. Damaged during the war, but slowly recovering. Entire cities are believed to exist in the labyrinthine caverns under it's roots.

The Wall of Picos

Main article: Wall of Picos

An ancient wall built in Crimson Pass by the Kingdom of Taurya during the Tauryan-Polvoran War to prevent a potential Polvoran advance. Most of it was destroyed by Demons during the Battle of Crimson Pass. It was repaired by the Polvoran Empire to create a barrier between them and the Picos Barbarians.