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Nokola'I Conglomeration
Setting: Dreamwalkers
[[File:Nokola'Iflag.svg|125px|border||Flag of Nokola'I]]
[[File:Nokola'Imap.png|200px|Location of Nokola'I]]
(and largest city)
Largest city Kartadaja
Nationalities Over 300 ethnic groups
Religions 85.4% Harmonist 11.6% Ngamarakadanism
Demonym Nokola
Government Conglomeration
Legislature Parliament
• Nokola'I unified
1 Okta 432
• Conglomeration founded
12 May 700
 • 4318 estimate 527,560,000 (3rd)
Drives on the Left
ISO 3166 code NK
Internet TLD .nk

Nokola'I, officially the Nokola'I Conglomeration, is Coracan's largest island country, with more than 14,000 islands. With over 387 million people, it is also the world's third most populous country as well as the most populous Harmonist-marjority country. The country has no land borders, but some neighbouring countries are Pamana, Baraghovia and Papa. Nokola'I's major trade partners are Baraghovia, Amrika, Chutzch and Indigo.


"Nokola'I" means 'many islands' in old Enyangu


Main article: History of Nokola'I


Not much is known about the Nokola'I pre-unification.

Early Iron age

In 432 Fa, the Nokola'I was unified. They created the first Conglomerate government in the world. The geography of the Nokola'I favoured a distributed system of semi-independent states subservient to a central government consisting of delegates from each part of the conglomeration that decided a common military and foreign policy.

Middle Iron age

Between 432 Fa and the 3200s, the Nokola'I would undergo many periods of increasing and decreasing power. The Nokola'I served as a tenuous link between the Old World and Pachan during this time, being a nexus for trade between east and west.

Latter Iron age

After full contact between the Old World and the New Worlds were re-established, the Nokola'I, once a declining power, was revitalised.

Panthalassa War

The Nokola'I was on the side of the Coalition in the Panthalassa War and was invaded by Baraghovia in 4251, mere days after the invasion of Cassavel by Kjhelde. About three-quarters the country's landmass was occupied by 4254, the easternmost quarter continued to fight a geurilla war against the Baraghovians.

Modern era

Following the Coalition victory in the Panthalassa War, a new global authority, the Conglomerate States, was formed to prevent future conflicts. The CS system was directly based on the Nokola'I's conglomerate style of government.


Main article: Geography of Nokola'I

The Nokola'I is the largest archipelagic country in the world.


Lying near the south side of the equator, the Nokola'I has an even tropical climate all year round.


Tectonically, the Nokola'I sits on one of the most unstable areas in Coracan, meaning the country is home to numerous volcanoes and frequent earthquakes.


The size, climate and many islands of the Nokola'I create a highly biodiverse environment.

Government and Politics

Nokola'I is a conglomeration. As a distributary state, power is not concentrated in the central government. Instead, individual states have a high degree of autonomy except in defence and foreign affairs.

Political parties

Political subdivisions

Nokola'I consists of 51 states.