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The Night Empire is the part of the Primanna closest to the the Veil that separates the rest of the cluster from the remnants of the primordial mists of creation. It is divided into thirteen realms, called kingdoms; twelve kingdoms represent the twelve hours hours of darkness that come each night and the last kingdom, called the Throne, sits in the centre of the empire and represents the darkness of the midday moon that covers the polar regions of Coracan in winter.


First Kingdom

This kingdom represents dusk and the symbolic death of the sun as Coracan heads into night. It is governed by the Angel of Death, though it is not part of her traditional domain.

Second Kingdom

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The second kingdom is the Angel of Death's traditional realm. As Chief Psychopomp, she operates a vast death bureaucracy which is the biggest employer in the region. This kingdom is known for being relatively peaceful under its queen. However, it has been conquered by outside warlords as of 4319.

Third Kingdom

The third kingdom is ruled by its king, known as Ashtar, ruling with a despotic iron fist over his hordes of id.

Fourth Kingdom

The fourth kingdom is much like the third, however it is not unified under a single monarchy. Instead, feudal factions fight for control.

Fifth Kingdom

This is where fragments of the old memories and beings come to slowly fade away. Some of these beings predate humanity's existence on Coracan.

Sixth Kingdom

The Sixth Kingdom of the Night is a mysterious realm, the realm of the unknown unknowns and the yet-to-be. The Black River runs through here and unborn gods stand like statues on its shores, waiting for their time.

This river allows one to access their own mind.

Seventh Kingdom

The Seventh Kingdom of the Night is home to giant and powerful beings who fled Coracan in order to escape the influence of humanity and live in peace.

Eighth Kingdom

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This kingdom was converted into a prison a long time ago, to secure the primordial monsters that humanity vanquished. Madu, the ever-hungry embodiment of destruction, has been locked up in the depths of this prison for tens of thousands of years as he can only be restrained, never killed.

Ninth Kingdom

This is the realm of the lost.

Tenth Kingdom

New things are born here, out of the ashes of the old. Many of the Primanna's spirits were born here.

Eleventh Kingdom

This was the Angel of Dreams's traditional realm, until she was killed in the Sagambel. Since then, it has been ungoverned and almost uninhabited.

Twelfth Kingdom

This kingdom represents the last hour of the night before dawn and is where the new things created here escape into the wider cluster.

Thirteenth Kingdom

This kingdom represents the midday darkness that covers the Coracan's polar regions during winter and is the traditional seat of power for the currently-vacant position of Night Emperor.



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