Ngali ol'Evar atSartepel

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Ngali ol'Evar atSartepel
Ngali during their service in the GSSOC
Born 35 Anaris 482 TE
Karecin, United Provinces of Darya
Nationality Darsi
Other names Ngali atSartepel
Education Karecin Central School
7th District School, Novikorona
Alma mater Novikorona University
Occupation Chief Electronic Support Officer
Organization Galactic Senate Special Operations Corps
Species Darsa
Height 4'8"
Weight 45 kg
Children Nari olNgali atSartepel
Parents Evar ol'Anis atSartepel
Mari Karaza
Family Sartepel clan

Ngali ol'Evar atSartepel (born 35 Anaris 482 TE) is a Darsi computer scientist, mechanic, engineer, and former child prodigy. At the age of seven, ae left school to pursue a full-time degree at Novikorona University, graduating in 492 TE with a bachelor's degree in computer science. Ngali is best known for aer service in the Galactic Senate Special Operations Corps as its Chief Electronic Support Officer, and as a result as its youngest member. After the Battle of Locubrermour, Ngali returned to Novikorona University and completed a doctorate in artificial intelligence in 504 TE. Ae went on to become a researcher for the UP Government in artificial intelligence implementation, working in that field until aer retirement in 538 TE.

Early life

Early childhood and education

Ngali was born on 35 Anaris 482 TE on Karecin Station, a stellar research station orbiting Karecin, a planetless O-class hypergiant. Aer parents were Evar ol'Anis atSartepel, an astronomer and physicist, and Mari Karaza, an engineer and mechanic. As a member of the ancient Sartepel clan, Ngali's ancestry can be traced back to Ngali olMari atSartepel, one of the first Korata explorers to sight the once-fabled continent of Luksarus; the child was named after this particular ancestor.

From an early age, Ngali developed an interest in the technologies present on the station. Karaza would sometimes bring home from work instruments and gadgets in need of repair, and Ngali would, without permission, take them apart and put them back together. A similar fascination also extended to their toys. Once Ngali's parents recognised their child's intelligence, they had Ngali tested for premature entrance into school, and as a result the child was enrolled into Karecin Central School at the age of two — a year before the expected age.

After aer parents were reassigned to a research facility on Menekshe in 486, the family moved to its largest city, Novikorona, and Ngali attended Novikorona's 7th District School. They simultaneously enrolled in online courses provided by Novikorona University. The online university courses Ngali took were foundation units that allowed aer to enrol at Novikorona University as a full-time student at the age of seven, studying for a bachelor's degree in computer science. In Anaris 492, eight cycles shy of their tenth birthday, Ngali received their degree from the University's School of Digital Sciences.


GSSOC service

After Locubrermour

Personal life