Nepastovus system

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Nepastovus system
Spectral type K4
Age 5 billion years
Size 0.7 solar masses
Surface temperature 4214 K
Diameter 0.7 solar diameters
Stars 1
Planets 1
Moons 18+
Cluster Unknown
Galactic Arm Inner Far South Arm
Polities Vulkastis Mining Federation

Nepastovus is a star system approximately 6 lightyears from the Aatami system. Claimed by the Vulkastis Mining Federation, it is a class K star with a single planet.


Planets and features


Tvyksteleti is a hot Jupiter gas giant orbiting very close to its parent star. Even though the planet has a bountiful supply of helium-3 in its atmosphere as well as large deposits of deuterium in its moons, it was skimmed over by the Union of Eteno Socialist States as not being cost-effective to mine from as Aatami was a much better investment. As a result, the Vulkastis Mining Federation colonized the planet as a means of sustaining their Dragonrock mining operations on Kokkola.

Stations, static warships, and artificial structures

Tvyksteleti Mining Station

Tvyksteleti Mining Station is a small civilian community owned by the VMF. All recovered materials from the planet and its moons are brought here and shipped to Aatami and Tolinis.