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Necronia is an island continent off the coast of mainland Eidyn. It is believed that the Dwarfen Vasque of Gorgamore was once here, before the Collapsing.

List of creatures

  • Spirit Mammoth -A dark, ghostly mammoth that charges around the island after other creatures. their tusks grow larger and they become carnivorous.
  • Skeleton Snake -The skeleton snakes are very annoying. Natural magic inside of them adds the souls of those it killed to itself, making the snake a lot bigger in the afterlife.
  • Dark horse -A Dark-horse is the afterlife version of a horse, they are usually spiritual but can still attack people with an undead magic that riders can give them.
  • Sirens -Sirens are large undead fish that join with dead souls of deceit that can't make it to the island. Their vocals can be heard as the most beautiful singing, making sailors want to join them.
  • Zwask -A Zwask is a large spiritual bird that hides in the mountain tops. It preys on other spirits and the talons can even grab bone & sink through flesh to catch it's prey.
  • Dhelk -A Dhelk is a large zombified spider in the mountains. They are small but have a deadly poison that can take the lifeforce from its victim and take it for itself.
  • Versken -A Versken is a very large mass of bones that is alive. They are often enchanted to be alive by necromancers and are used to make an unexpected attack on trespassers.
  • Rethell -A Rethell is a small demon which can pass between Brunikor and Erudite. They are often used as spies for the demons, they are commonly seen and many just don't notice them. They look like a beetle with a very large eye on the back.
  • Selk -A Selk is a creature made from the rock when un-natural lightning hits the mountain tops. They are large, bear-like creatures made from rock that try to destroy everything in their path from an instinctive insanity and madness.