National Democratic League

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National Democratic League
Logo of the National Democratic League
Abbreviation NDL
Founded 2 Charu 4260
Headquarters Darana
Student wing Student NDL
Youth wing Young NDL
Other information
  • Conservatism
  • Social conservatism
  • Economic liberalism
  • Civic nationalism
  • Secularism
Polity Republic of Darana
Colors      Blue      White      Yellow
Slogan "'Progress and Equality"'
Seats in the Parliament
63 / 113

The National Democratic League is a political party in Darana. It is the largest party in Darana and the only party ever to have formed government in the nearly six decades of the current republic.


The centre-right party focuses on free economic growth, multiracialism and a rejection of liberal democracy. Being pragmatic, however, they accept the need for some government regulation of the private sector, welfare spending and economic intervention. Generally, they place free markets and practical considerations above accountability. checks, balances and personal freedoms. Having held an overwhelming majority in parliament since the foundation of the current republic, they have been able to change the constitution to increase their control of parliament. Despite being authoritarian, they justify this using the vague notion of Harmonist values.

Map of the Primanna.png

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