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Na'zrah is a powerful artificial intelligence found within the Dyson sphere of Novarckas. It was created by the Empire of Arckas to serve as a guide by downloading a Harbinger onto a computer system. Na'zrah served as the basis for VERN's technology in terms of layout and utilization of the Stone Rings.


Na'zrah actually consists of a multitude of computational modules that represent different parts of its psyche. The central core is found on Novarckas, while the various satellites contain additional cores.

In terms of logical thinking, Na'zrah is far more advanced than any organic life form, but is considered benevolent as it was designed to have a sense of morality and great sense of empathy. Because of this, Na'zrah's creators believed it to be functionally indistinguishable from a divine being as envisioned by ancient religious texts.

Using quantum computing, Na'zrah has the capacity to generate simulations entire parallel universes on a level of detail comparable to a real universe. While Na'zrah creates the space to work with, Antocula determines the actions of objects. It can even commune with other versions of Na'zrah from these alternate universes. The accuracy of these parallel universes has lead some Omni scientists to hypothesize that the supposed real universe was in fact just a simulation created by a version of Na'zrah from a different universe, but with no way to prove what is and what isn't real, much of the scientific community has refused to accept this idea.

List of known cores

Over time, many of the cores have gone inactive resulting in Na'zrah less capable of processing power. In the distant past, Na'zrah linked to the Stone Rings across the universe, and it may be suspected that other cores as large as Na'zrah exist in other galaxies suggesting that today, Na'zrah possesses a tiny fraction of the computational power it once had.

  • Central Na'zrah - Lying within the core of Novarckas, Central Na'zrah is the most analytical portion dealing in what is and what isn't. It is capable of creating quantum projections that can show different universes in 100% detail on a particle level. The extraordinary detail is often regarded as a bonus feature as the majority of organic life lacks the sensory abilities to actually perceive the entire simulation. Na'zrah was never converted into VERN as it proved too complex to incorporate into the system.
  • Antocula - Antocula is capable of creating future predictions based on compiled statistical data on a galactic scale. Antocula was refitted for VERN's purposes after it predicted the fall of the Omni Empire.
  • Simpatica - Simpatica is the empathetic core that deals in the understanding of organic emotions. Simpatica remained only as a safeguard to prevent VERN from ever going omnicidal.