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Born 13 Charu 4288, Darana
Disappeared 1 Kadel 4298 (Presumed living)
Residence Darana
Nationality Daranese
Citizenship Stateless
Era Modern
Organization Sagamkor (4288-4298)
Home town Darana
Species Human, Id

Myriad was a human being, a boy born in 4288 in Darana. His parents are unknown, but they were probably victims of a eugenics program, one under which he was never supposed to have been born. It was for this reason that he was never given a name. Instead, he was known as Subject 88437-04 (The first five digits referring to his date of birth and the last two being the fourth person 'processed' with that birthdate) As part of the covert government organisation Sagamkor (a branch of Darana's military), this unknown child was taken for testing.

Underground, these children were used as figurative punching bags to train Sagamkor's elite dreamwalkers. They spent their days in tiny dreamworlds being abused in more ways than most people could imagine. Their realities blurred together until many of them couldn't distinguish Coracan from the dreamworlds, while others could see both at once every moment.

To outside observers, however, Sagamkor's facility appeared like a typical juvenile detention complex; to them, the children would have appeared healthy and well-fed

Eventually, many of the weakened and defenceless children would be infected with id, becoming blettods. Many would simply die or be used to train Sagamkor's dreamwalkers against blettods (after training on blettod dogs).

But there was one child who, possibly seeing the id as a helpers, accepted as many as he could. Unusually, he didn't become overburdened with id, there was enough space for them all somehow. Suddenly, all the id in the other children moved into his mind. Myriad then overpowered Sagamkor's dreamwalkers and escaped through the front door of the complex.

Unfortunately, in this process, 88437-04's mind was completely overpowered by hordes of id. Due to the rushed nature of the process, the id are now all co-dependent and are now incapable of living outside his body. If Myriad (as the horde is known) attempted to travel through the gyrus, it would destroy their body. A few id might survive, but those who wouldn't would never consent to the process. They call him Myriad because they say he has 10,000 id within him.

On the outside, Myriad quickly crafted a new identity, coercing officials into creating identity documents for them. As they often affected the memory of their victims, Myriad was lost by Sagamkor. Today, he is 30 years old and is likely still in Darana.]