Mycandra Conglomeration

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Mycandra Conglomeration
Kitikaran Kanhoui
Setting: Galactic Crucibles
Flag of The Conglomeration
Kitikaranalandal Hoowanhui
Capital Aqshkikin Citadel, Mangu, Mangu system
Largest city Aqshkikin
Official languages Kitikaran language
Ethnic groups 93% Mycandra (Full member systems)
Religions No state religion
Demonym Conglomerate
Government Conglomeration
 • Size 14 member systems, 37 junior member systems, 60 joint-administration systems, 12 special territories, 8 economic assistance systems
Currency Conglomerate Royal (CGR)

The Mycandra Conglomeration, named for the founding species the mycandra, is a conglomeration with official influence over 131 systems. This unique style of government is described as more politically centralised than a mutual defence and economic pact, but less so than a confederation. While the 14 full member systems are overwhelmingly mycandra, the other systems in the conglomeration have only a small mycandra presence and sometimes larger populations than the mycandra homeworld of Mangu. These systems have a diverse mix of species, both native and immigrant. Every system outside the central Mycandra Union has near complete autonomy on domestic affairs (although the Joint Administration Areas, or JAAs, have other independent governments that don't answer to the conglomeration to negotiate with). The Conglomeration is rich and prosperous for the most part (with the exception of the economic assistance system) and Conglomerate citizens that aren't mycandra do have representation in the bodies that decide Conglomerate policy.


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Mycandra were not technologically advanced for most of their history. Around 600 CE, however, there was a sudden technological revolution. The first other political entity the mycandra encountered was the UESS, during their early expansion periods. This is traditionally set as the year 1251 CE. Contact with other entities came quickly. Some especially enterprising mycandra founded the largest chunk of what would later become PolyGalactic Accounting or PGA. The activities of the company brought great wealth to Mangu and improved living standards for mycandra. These developments allowed the Conglomeration to grow beyond the original Mycandra Union.


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The 14 full member systems of the Conglomeration are a close group called the Mycandra Union. This was superceded by the Conglomeration, which has many other member and part-member systems scattered quite some distance around the galaxy.

The 37 junior members retain some local autonomy, have generally low mycandra populations but are well populated otherwise.

The 60 joint administration areas, or JAAs, have a power-sharing agreement between the mycandra and other entities not wholly contained within the conglomeration.

The 12 special territories are either military or scientific bases, a result of individual agreements with the conglomeration, or have undisclosed purposes.

The 8 economic assistance systems receive substantial financial aid from the Conglomeration


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MCAF is a defensive force, used to project power, but not to enforce it on those not in the Conglomeration. The military is highly-funded and advanced.