Muld Clan

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Muld Clan
Setting: Erudite Tales
Official languages Muld
Races Fairy
Demonym Muld
Government Hunter-gatherer
• Queen
Muld Queen

The Muld Clan is an underground Fairy civilization. Notably, they are highly militaristic and organized.


Muld Fairies have dark red skin and brown antennae. Interestingly enough, the majority of Muld Fairies do not have wings. Some Guardians grow transparent wings.


Muld fairies are known for using elemental magic in addition to their charm spells. Their primary weapons include spears and atlatls. Civilian clothing is made from silk, though warriors have chitin armor.

The Muld also have intricate underground tunnels which vary in size mostly ranging several inches in diameter. The Queen lives in a large central chamber around 500 centimeters in diameter. The one who is chosen for queen remains within the chamber for the rest of her life as she eventually grows too large to leave through any of the tunnels. The widest tunnels are only large enough for Guardians to fit through.


The Muld Clan is largely collective, but individual fairies advance through the ranks by proving themselves honorable. They are in constant struggle with creatures known as Grubworms, fairy-eating creatures that spit highly corrosive poison.