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No contemporary depictions of Mrotdal exist
Born 23 May 5,371 Ag
Disappeared 15 Apar 5,675 Ag (304 years)
Era Classical Era
Known for Nearly wiping out humanity on Coracan, ending its Classical Era, causing the foundation of the Metaparliament.
  • Human (5,371-5,559 Ag)
  • Dragon (5,559 -5,675 Ag)

Mrotdal was a great and terrible being who lived near the end of the Classical Era of Coracan. Unfortunately, due to his near-destruction of human life on Coracan, few records survive from his lifetime.

Early life

Not much is known about Mrotdal's early life. He was born in Andar, Ahtdae on the 23 May 5,375 Ag. It is assumed that he was not born 'Mrotdal', since it means 'Mouthpiece'; however, his original name is disputed and likely lost.

Early adulthood

During his early adulthood, Mrotdal was an obscure student of history. He was a talented and intelligent student by all accounts. He studied dreamwalking, the properties of ischerite and metabeings.

Rise to prominence

By his 30s, Mrotdal came to international prominence as a famous scholar. While respected for his research and intellect, he started espousing that the Coracan was filled with evil and that ideally, all evil elements in the world would be purged and the world would begin anew, with wholly pure elements and people. Mrotdal imagined himself to be the person to carry out this purge. (During the classical era of Coracan, dreamwalking was common knowledge).

Over the next few years, his beliefs became more radical and extreme. He gathered a small, but dedicated, cult to himself.

At the age of 55, Mrotdal disappeared across the eastern sea, reportedly heading towards modern-day Canerland with a few dozen followers.

Attempt to dominate Coracan

Nearly exactly 50 years later, in 5,559 Ag, Mrotdal returned as a dragon, with a smaller band of followers. He discovered that some never lost faith in him in his homeland and the number of his followers grew.

He began his reign of terror by demanding that the kings of the world bow down to him, saying that he would give them the chance to purge their own domains. When his demands were denied, he nearly singlehandedly crushed each in turn.

Contemporary sources are not clear on exactly how he did this, some claiming that he could practice mass hypnotism or that he could grow to touch the clouds. They are all certain, however, that Mrotdal was vastly more powerful than he appeared in his dragon body.

Over the decades, Mrotdal gained control of all of Coracan and became ever more extreme as he did so.


After about 100 years, Mrotdal challenged the Triarchs of Coracan. In response, the Triarchs, led by the Kalengnam in his dragon form, rallied metabeings opposing Mrotdal, dragons and various intelligent sea creatures against Mrotdal in an all-out war. This war raged for another 100 years before Mrotdal was finally defeated in 5,675 Cl, at the age of 304 years.

Sources differ on whether Mrotdal was killed outright, imprisoned or something else entirely.


After the fall of Mrotdal, the Triarchs founded the Metaparliament, an organization of metabeings designed to prevent another individual like Mrotdal doing so much damage ever again.

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