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Star Rubiconda
Type Unknown
Satellites None

Morsu, the Devoured Planet is a planet somewhere in the Outer Far North Arm with an odd shape. The terrain comprises of perfect, modular cubes which can reconfigure themselves based on several anomalies. Dark red flora grows on the planet's surface supported by a dim, dying red giant star. No fauna seem to be present aside from small insects and protozoans dwelling in the lakes and pools.

A massive crater covers an eigth of the planet's surface. Under normal circumstances, the planet would have completely shattered and lost its form, but the mysterious cubes hold it together. At the base of the crater, however, is a great door. Very few who have ventured into it have ever returned, and the tales they tell are horrifying.

Deep below the planet Morsu contains a creature displaced from time and space. It does not know past nor does it know future. It determines what does and doesn't exist by its own accord. Only what is in the space about it. This being was referred to as the Gomodd which has completely control over the space-time around it.

The few have glimpsed at the Gomodd have reported it having a single gigantic eye. Should it gaze upon you, you become under its dominion. The laws of causality forbid you from doing anything against its will. You move as fast or as slow as it allows. And should you display even the slightest intention to resist, it can erase you from existence simply by its own will.

It is thought that should Gomodd's domain expand further, it can reshape the galaxy and perhaps the universe as we know it. But thankfully, it remains contained for now.