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"I had a dream once...and that dream is worth all the corpses I left, all those I shall save now, and all the chaos will follow me until the end..."
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Morrighan is a extremely strange being who has apparently lived for up to one million years if dating tests are to be believed. Morrighan is not sure herself, being void of any memories at all. Despite this, Morrighan is dead set on a singular goal unknown to anyone but herself.


Morrighan has the appearance of a human woman of average size and stature, with pale skin and bleach-white hair. She also wears a tattered Victorian-era dress and a visor over her eyes, which are a light opaque blue with no discernible pupils. Small bits of ice are also seen frozen onto her face and clothes at all times, even in extremely hot areas like deserts.


Morrigan has a very peculiar, and dangerous, personality. To her there is no moderation and all beings are either one thing or another. So if she believes you are good she will accept everything you do, even genocide, as righteous. Likewise, even if you saved the universe from ultimate destruction, if she believes you are bad, you will always be bad and she will try to thwart every motive you have. The same applies to every other aspect of a being you could have, she only sees in extremes. This is made even worse due to fact that she has no personal connection to her emotions. So while she might cry or smile in what may be sadness or happiness, she does not know or understand why she does it. She is mentally unable to assess or even register her emotions, resulting in her interpreting them wrongly and thus basing her judgment on that interpretation alone.



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