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Moon Elves are a sub-race of elves that are believed to have originated from Eidyn's Moon, although they have since been migrating, having been seen all over Eidyn and in Khyorgan.

According to legend, Moon Elves are descendants of Star Wisps, giant cosmic creatures that inhabited the United Plane. This lineage gives them great connection to Cosmic Magic. A Moon Elf can take greatest advantage of their abilities when they inhabit a region of the ether with numerous planes and planets close by.


Moon Elf males have strong builds, while females tend to have more slender builds. Their hair tends to be long, and colored either pale brown or grey. Their ears are quite long, as well as pointed.

Like Frost Elves, Moon Elves mature at the same rate as humans, except that they have a longer lifespan, one more average with other elven race lifespans.

mT Rating

Moon Elves have an mT Rating of 10, which means they show great magical promise, but suffer in the realms of technology.


There are not any factions yet made predominantly of moon elves, although there are known moon elves in the Republic of Mirannas and the Empire of the Rising Sun.