Monbana Confederation

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Monbana Confederation
Enosa Monbana
c. 5120 AK–4319 AK
Capital Torenya
Languages Monbana
Religion Sommizol
Government Confederal directorial republic
Co-Chairmen of the Landa
 -  5120–5119 AK Kartas Kalolus,
Fortus Oplitolus (first)
 -  4355 AK Atalus Arkudolus,
Oplitus Dinderolus (last)
High Councillor
 -  4355–4322 AK Oranus Ternolus Esh'okulī
 -  4322–4319 AK Nolus Oranolus Esh'okulī
Legislature Popular Assemblies
 -  Union of the Twenty Clans c. 5120 AK
 -  Oranus Ternolus Esh'okulī made High Councillor 32 Kalleris 4355 AK
 -  Norus proclaimed Basen 1 Anaris 4319 AK
Currency Ōryus

The Monbana Confederation (Monbana: Enosa Monbana) was the era of the ancient Monbana civilisation beginning with the unification of the Twenty Monbana Clans, traditionally dated to 5120 AK, and ending in 4319 AK with the establishment of the Monbana Empire. The Confederation for the first time unified the Monba region, and it was during this era that Monbana culture and language spread to the rest of Korat through the Confederation's hegemony over the entire continent.

The Monbana Confederation was headed by a Landa of initially twenty, then over fifty representatives, elected annually by citizens, and presided over by two internally elected Co-Chairmen. The wider population also participated in the political process through the numerous Dikasta, or Legislative Assemblies, which consisted of legislative gatherings in all settlements which were responsible for the creation and execution of municipal legislation. Despite being originally constituted as a union of sovereign villages and towns, the Confederation became increasingly centralised, akin more to a federation instead. In the early years of the Confederation's expansion, an implicit hierarchy emerged, with citizens of the original twenty cities of Monba being afforded privileges and rights not extended to the rest of the realm. However, this was stopped by the administration of Arkudus Sansolus Klomī and Daskus Kalosus Esh'okulī, who convinced the Landa to induct members from outer hereto unrepresented cities and territories. Many of Monba's legal and legislative structures can still be observed in the modern United Provinces.

The Confederation was founded around 5120 AK when representatives of the Twenty Clans of Monba assembled in Torenya. These Clans were attracted to each other by their similar cultures and shared language, and the introduction of writing by the Karnasaurs earlier in the 5300s greatly accelerated this process, resulting in the unification of Monba. Over the next seven centuries, the Confederation expanded through a combination of conquest and alliance, and at its end in 4319 AK, it occupied almost the entire southern half of Korat. By this time, internal tensions had paralysed the government for years, and with civil war on the horizon, the Landa voted to cede power to General Oranus Ternolus Esh'okulī, who became High Councillor for Life. Under Oranus' rule, the Confederation was stabilised, earning aer the admiration of magistrates and the common people alike. After aer death and rise of aer child Norus Oranolus, Monba began to expand again. However, the Landa had begun to believe that the Esh'okulī family threatened their supremacy. Following an unsuccessful attempt on Norus' life in 4320 AK, the High Councillor had the entire Council put to death, and repopulated it with aer supporters. In 4319 AK, the new Council voted to surrender their powers completely to Norus, and awarded aem the title of Saderus, proclaiming them King. This act officially ended the Confederation, and marked the beginning of the Monbana Empire.