Military Personnel Training Department

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The Military Personnel Training Department (Mavibi: Vash'acimmon Penakalirem) is an agency of the United Provinces Defence Force responsible for the production and training of personnel for the various service branches of the United Provinces military. It has a number of facilities across UP space, where specially genetically engineered soldiers, sailors and pilots are bred and prepared for service. These individuals are commonly referred to as "MPTDs" (Kaliremmon). Throughout the course of their service (which typically lasts for approximately 20 years), MPTDs serve in enlisted, non-commissioned roles. Unlike commissioned officers, who are sourced from the general population, enlisted personnel do not elect their peers to higher ranks, and instead advance through a meritocratic hierarchy.

Once MPTDs are discharged from the military at the conclusion of their service, they are awarded citizenship and attain all the rights thereof, including the right to vote at elections at all levels. They also receive a permanent government pension and are provided assistance with acclimating to civilian society.