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432nd Metaparliament
Type Bicameral
Triarch The Sun
Triarch The Kalengnam
Triarch Paragon
Prime Minister Gengua, Alternative since 33 Serul 4319
Established 1 Fa (4,319 years ago)
Members 5000 MPs
Political groups Government (2240)

Support (480)

  •      Independent (300)
  •      DU (110)
  •      CP (70)

Opposition (2279)

     Vacant (1)
Voting system Preferential Voting
Last election 4310
Next election 4320
Meeting place

The Metaparliament is the federal parliament governing all metabeings.


After the rise of Mrotdal in the late Silver Era of Coracan, causing a great war and apocalypse, the Metaparliament was formed in order to prevent such a powerful warlord from gaining so much power again. This was to be done through democracy.

The Great Peace (1 Fa - 4195)

The metaparliament failed to account for the change that took place after the 3500s Fa: the rapid increase in human population, their increasing level of technology and a resulting changing makeup of the powerful figures in parliament.

The Great Spirit War and the formation of the Shadow Parliament (4195-present)

Main articles: Great Spirit War, Shadow Parliament

Beginning in 4195, the Id and some defecting Metaparliamentarians organised themselves into a Shadow Parliament. This new entity took advantage of the complacency of the Metaparliament that had grown over the Great Peace and struck during a time of economic turmoil for the humans of Coracan.

Between 4251 and 4259, the Id waged a conventional war against the Metaparliament. Humans, having also fought in this war (albeit being largely unaware of the conflict between metabeings), have their own name for this war: the Panthalassa War. After the victory of the Metaparliamentarians, the Id switched to guerilla-style warfare which they continue to this day.

Since roughly 4315, the Shadow Parliament has gained a significant amount of power in Coracan.



Main article: Metaparliament Defence Force

The MDF is responsible for the protection of the Metaparliament's constituents and the safeguarding of the institutions in place. A race of spirit robots called the Avendins are specially created to defend the Metaparliament. Shifters are another spirit people heavily involved in the Metaparliament Defence Forces.


Relations with human governments

The Metaparliament maintains discreet, but official, relations with the Conglomerate States.

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