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A metaorganism is any creature that feeds on or processes the experiences of a non-metaorganism or one which consumes other metaorganisms.

Types of metaorganisms


Main article: Dreamcatcher

These metaorganisms are symbiotic with humans. In Coracan, many people require them to stay alive. This is because people unknowingly trawl through a whole lot of other people's experiences each day. So, the dreams help decompose these experiences into small pieces it can consume. As a consequence, people can more easily cope with the onslaught they experience all day.

These metaorganisms help create the human experience of dreaming. (Although people can often dream by themselves without their help.) In Coracan, the absence of dreams is usually a sign of a psychological problem and is one of the earliest symptoms of CHS.


Main article: Metabeing

These metaorganisms are created by more complex emotions and higher-level thought processes. They are self-aware. Usually, specific imagining of an entity by several people is required to create one. Generally, the more people believe or imagine a metabeing, the more stable its personality and powers. In Coracan, most of these sentient beings are part of the Parliament of the Gods, which regulates their activity.


Main article: Id

This is a general term for metaorganisms that consume negative emotions. Few Id rise to the level of being, but it is far from unheard of.