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A metabeing is a type of metaorganism created by the collective belief and attention of non-metabeings to the extent that it is self-aware and conscious.

Personalities and appearances

Metabeings have many different personalities and appearances which are defined by the people who give them attention. Metabeings based on fundamental concepts (like the Angel of Death) are generally quite static in their personality and appearance, while other metabeings can have quickly varying characteristics.

Effect of Modern Popular Culture

The rise of the a global, interconnected popular culture on Coracan after the Panthalassa War, particularly in the last twenty years since the creation of the internet, has greatly affected many metabeings.

Few metabeings have escaped the effects of rapidly-changing internet culture, including established gods-like beings. Many metabeings now change much faster than they used to and are experiencing major personality changes.

The internet has also created many new metabeings and rebirthed extinct ones.


A metabeing dies when it is no longer remembered or when its name is forgotten.