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Born ~750 H, Original name unknown, Coracan
Residence Sanctuary
Citizenship Sanctuarian
Occupation Sovereign of Sanctuary, since ~850 H
Known for Creating Sanctuary
Species Human/Snake

Medusa, known in Old Osgal as Meduakapya (literally snake-haired), began life as a human child, back in the Heroic Era, when large swathes of Coracan were still purple. She was abandoned by her community for perceived mental defects. In the purple wilderness, one of the great Coracori, (an unvanquished 'monster') took pity on the girl and raised her. As they grew closer, and the threat of humanity threatened the wilderness and their lives, they fused. Eventually, they fled Coracan altogether, setting up a new home elsewhere in the Primanna, far from civilisation.

Spirits dissatisfied with the spread of humanity and the establishment of restrictive feudal spiritual governance structures parallel to human ones, joined Medusa in her dreamworld. The dispossessed, the refugees, the destitute, the weak, the outcasts, they all came to her. Here, she created the world of Sanctuary.


And yet, despite her swift brand of justice that may shock outsiders, she despises the idea of revenge. She is outspoken, unafraid to use blunt language and force. Despite her frequent use of lithification, the people of Sanctuary respect and admire her as their protector. They greatly admire her complete lack of prejudice.


Main article: Sanctuary

Sanctuary is one of the oldest artificial dreamworlds in the Primanna and was created by Medusa over 32,000 years ago.

Despite the appearance of autocracy, most functions of the governance of Sanctuary are done through democratic means. Over the ages, her world, Sanctuary, grew. It has survived every apocalypse thrown at Coracan.

After the Metaparliament was founded, Medusa reluctantly agreed to allow the people of Sanctuary to be a part of it after a popular vote. However, despite being one of the biggest population centres for spirits in the Primanna outside of Coracan, Medusa has been consistently disappointed with the Metaparliament, particularly on the issue of security. She, and many of the people of Sanctuary feel that they are forgotten and treated as second-class citizens.

Today, Sanctuary is facing new threats. Warlords threaten all around as the Metaparliament weakens. Revolutionaries like Myriad are dividing the usually-peaceful community. Sanctuary defends its own, and, it looks like they will have to do so this time without any help.

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