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General information
Status Thriving
Native to Atzlan
Extent Atzlan and Primanna clusters
Size >1000m long
Mass >700kT
Diet Detritovorous
Limbs 9
Eyes 9
Intelligence Polycephalous sapience
Symmetry Radial
Lifespan Indefinite

The Mayakut are a species of nine-limbed cephalapoids native to the Atzlan cluster

The Mayakut have existed for billions of years, making them creatures of the Dreaming. They are giants, resembling colossal squid, reaching in excess of 1000 m in length in adult form with no known limits on size. Mayakut are immortal and are not known to reproduce. Instead, they have a very different life cycle.


The word 'Mayakut' means 'water voyagers' in Atzlan.


A Mayakut spends a hundred years as swarm of simple polyps, then another two centuries as a smaller school of immature nymphs. The nymph and polyp stages can last indefinitely. Then, the polyps form a single individual, sometimes hundreds of meters long, but size varies greatly. This adult form lifetime lasts longer the larger the individual is. For a 10-metre long individual, it can survive 500 years; for a 1km long individual, it can survive 50,000 years. After an adult form is tired out, its body hardens into a chrysalis and it enters a serene state. The size of this chrysalis depends on the size of the adult that formed it. This chrysalis can appear like a mountain, tree, rock or giant coral. After a period of at least 100 years, but that can last indefinitely, the Mayakut disintegrates into a swarm of thousands or perhaps millions of polyps ready to begin the cycle anew.


Most worlds inhabited by the Mayakut only have one giant individual. Coracan has (at least) one, which has just happened to be out of adult form for the last three centuries, making it due to return to adult form imminently. Earth could have one too.

Atzlan, however, has a huge number of Mayakut. There are always swarms of polyp and nymph Mayakut, lots of giant chrysalises and adults. On human timescales, in fact, one can, fairly regularly, witness a Mayakut life-cycle change occur.

Relations with humans

Mayakut on Atzlan view humans as equals and have a peaceful, relationship with them. Mayakut inhabit most of Atzlan, including the infinite interior, which is believed to host true giants capable of wrapping themselves around the circumference of Atzlan's shell should they ever choose to do so. Fortunately, the Mayakut are a content species. Although many of them embark on epic journeys through the gyrus, they do not desire conquest or subjugation of any kind. People on Atzlan who embark on similar vast voyages across the branches of the Gyrus are often bestowed the title of 'Maya'