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General information
Status endangered
Homeworld unknown
Type primate-avian
Symmetry bilateral
Diet omnivorous
Lifespan indefinite
Other distinctions Heavily modified genetically

The Mavetians are the last remnants of Empire of Arckas in the universe as they were the only ones who chose not to abandon their creations when the premature heat death was still a viable threat. Their civilization used to exist in the Gehenna Galaxy, but after the collapse of the Empire and the subsequent destruction of their homeworld by Minos-Vaskus, they took refuge in a pocket universe known as Brunikor. However, after the Anathema destroyed Brunikor during the final phase of the Chaos Crisis, less than 10,000 Demons remain.

Mavetians are sometimes called Demons given to their physical appearance, described by ancient accounts as horrific. Technically, only the lower class Demons are referred to as such, while the upper-class are ironically called Angels. Mavetians, like many other species of the former Empire of Arckas, had directly intervened with the evolution of later species often appearing to them as gods.


The Mavetians original appearance consisted of a vaguely humanoid creature with four, feathery wings, two fleshy legs and a flattened face. Such traits allowed them to adapt to their original homeworld which had a highly dense atmosphere.

Since the advent of genetic engineering, demons now vary greatly when it comes to physiology. Large amount of inter-species breeding which came with merging cultures and the advent of "designer-spawn" which allowed parents to greatly change appearances and DNA structure of their children.


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