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Kingdom of Maroka
Setting: Dreamwalkers
Flag of Maroka State seal of Maroka
Flag Coat of arms
Ak Shaltu Ak-Marokiye
Location of Maroka
Dark Green: Internationally recognised territory of Maroka. Lighter green: Eastern Bronta, a territory claimed and mostly occupied by Maroka as its Southern Provinces
Ethnic groups (4316) *61% Mokassian
  • 24% Woschak
  • 15% Other
Demonym Marokan
• Monarch
Marok IX
• Prime Minister
441 Fa
 • Estimate  (28th)
 • 4316 census 36,271,000
Currency Mokassian Yat (MKY)
Drives on the Left
ISO 3166 code MO
Internet TLD .mo

Maroka, (sometimes called Mokassia) officially the Kingdom of Maroka (, is a unitary sovereign state located in north-west Torica. It is one of the native homelands of the Woschak people.


The history of the name 'Maroka' is a controversial topic with many possible answers. Possibilities for the origin of the name have been suggested: a city called Marok (that has since disappeared) was the capital once, it could be a corruption of 'Mokassia' through several languages, or the name of the ancient king Marok I (interestingly enough, he was born in Sipigrangor)

'Marokan' refers to any citizens of the kingdom and 'Mokassian' refers to people of Mokassi origin. Foreigners often confuse the demonyms 'Marokan' and 'Mokassian' as merchandise sold to tourists is usually Mokassian but sellers use the two terms interchangeably.


Main article: History of Maroka

Brontic Empire

During the Silver Era, the Brontic Empire controlled most of Torica, including all of what is currently Maroka.


Following the collapse of the Brontic Empire and the formation of the Brontic desert, city-states formed. According to tradition, Marok I, the first king of Maroka, unified the lands in 441.

Marokan Empire

Main article: Marokan Empire

Empire at its peak in 3693 under Mafrat III Between 2150 and 2800, Maroka competed with Darana for dominance of the Marfuren sea and Bay of Cassavel. During this time, the country's power rose and fell periodically and their influence never reached far beyond their present borders before it would collapse again and shrink to what is now the internationally-recognised part of their country.

After 2800, however, the Maroka grew in power. It defeated its neighbours, the Idrisians to the west and their enemies to the south, enabling them to expand northwards. Bandon was invaded in 2889. Over the next few centuries, the empire continued to expand. Mafrat III was the last capable ruler and expanded the borders of Maroka to their greatest extent in 3693. After that, the empire declined, such that by


On the north side, Maroka borders the Marfuren Sea (On the north-west) and the Straights of Kibbar, just opposite Bandon and Darana. The east side is the coast of the Bay of Cassavel and the Baltha Sea. The west side of the country is dominated by the long, straight borders in the Brontic desert. The north-west of the country borders Idris.

Maroka is marked by three main geographic zones.

The coast. This is where most of the people live and agriculture is done. The mountains dividing the zones. The desert in the west of the country.


Maroka is a monarchy. Despite the presence of an elected parliament, many life-long residents are unable to vote and the king still holds sweeping executive powers.