Mark Wendal

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Mark Wendal
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Born 31 December 1899
Disappeared 14 March 1970 (70)
Residence Echuca (1899-1914, 1920-21) St. Kilda, Melbourne (1921-70)
Nationality Australian
Citizenship Australian, CS
Era 20th century
Home town Echuca, Victoria
Species Human


Mark Wendal was born the youngest of four children near Echuca, in a part of rural northern Victoria, Australia, on the 31st of December 1899. Not much is known about his childhood.


Following his return from World War One, he moved to the Melbourne suburb of St. Kilda. He never seemed to hold a steady job and he didn’t appear to have any other sources of income, legitimate or otherwise. He was never in trouble with the police. Yet, he managed to maintain a comfortable home. He never married and did not seem interested in becoming married. During and after his life, some people have speculated that he was homosexual, but there has been no consensus on the matter. Others argue that he was asexual. He was an avid fan of the Saint Kilda Aussie rules football club despite their often disappointing performances. He kept to himself, mostly, apart from football matches, church attendance and grocery shopping. He was also a strict teetotaller. Wendal was rumoured to be in regular contact with Aboriginal people, although no-one could ever prove this. Often, he was away from his home for days or weeks at a time with no-one having any idea where he went. His property was well-managed, though.

World Wars

Mark Wendal was a combat veteran of both world wars. According to friends and relatives, these experiences helped to reinforce his asocial personality.

Disappearance and presumed death

The 14th of March 1970 was the last time anyone saw Wendal, alive or otherwise. Reportedly, his last known words were, ‘They’ll never win.’ It is a local rumour that a week after his disappearance, when someone finally checked up on his house, most of his personal effects had disappeared with no sign of forced entry. To this day, his body has never been found. He was 70 years old.


His home was abandoned for decades as various organisations tried to contact his relatives, the closest of which still lived near Echuca or even further away. A nephew was eventually determined to own the property, but he did nothing with it. When he died in 1994, his son also did nothing with it. In 2003, the property was sold to a developer who refurbished it and rented it out.

Dreamwalking talent and legacy

Unknown to his neighbours, Wendal was perhaps the greatest dreamwalker of his time. Despite never having any known training, he could easily transport himself entirely to other dreamworlds from a young age. He lived between multiple worlds, but spent a large chunk of his time on Coracan fighting for the Metaparliament against the Id. His life and achievements are as tragically unknown now as they were in his own time, even after the publication of the dreamwalking thesis.

Since the publication of the dreamwalking thesis, Mark Wendal’s relatives have slowly become more open to helping piece together his life. A recent investigation has uncovered several reports of people with Mark Wendal’s name (sometimes under an alias) and description in the US, UK and other parts of the world even though he apparently never left Australia after 1945.