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Star Vizshininil
Type Greenhouse Planet
Satellites Venn, Trekttt
Gravity 1.7 G
Orbital distance 2 AU
Day length 27.2 hours
Year length 476 days
Diameter 18,027 km
Axial tilt 15.2°
Average 73°F
Minimum -10°F
Maximum 160°F
Composition 60% nitrogen, 13% oxygen, 25% methane, 2% other gases
Surface pressure 1.8 atm
Population 5 billion

Located in the Vizshininil system, Mantras is a high gravity swamp world. Jungles rise in the canyons between volcanic mountain ranges. Shallow seas transition to grassy plains inundated by the tides of twin moons. Though it sits on the outer edge of its star’s habitable zone, Mantras stays warm; its atmosphere is thick, filled with exotic biogas from its flora and volcanic fumes, alongside the usual substances that are the hallmark of a carbon-based verdant world.

Mantras has one sapient species; the arthropod Mantrassians. The name they gave their homeworld was Nanntttraz, but the difficulty of many races in pronouncing this name led to the current galactic pronunciation. The Vizshininil system has been annexed by the Nanosian Cybernetic Ascendants Council (NCAC) but many smugglers travel to Mantras, sneaking past the relatively lax security on this frontier world. The only reason Mantras is even known of on the galactic stage is the strange gases and substances that can be found in its atmosphere and environment; many can be found nowhere else, and more than a few have hallucinogenic, pharmaceutical, narcotic, or aphrodisiac effects on alien races. A deep breath of Mantras air can get most anything carbon based high (and then usually kill them).