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Men are among the most common of mortals in Erudite. They all share a similar appearance of being humanoid with hair on their heads, two eyes and ears. Physically, they resemble bipedal primates.

Men have come in a wide range of ethnicities and several subspecies.

  • Dwarf (Homo validus) - Dwarves are short, stocky humanoids that make their homes in caves in the mountains.
  • Human (Homo sapiens) - Humans are a medium-built, fairly tall race. Early humans made their homes on plains, prairies and savannas
  • Elf (Homo rapidus) - Elves are tall, thin long eared humanoids. They have the longest life span, but longest maturity rate of the mannish races.
  • Halfling (Homo floresiensis) - Halflings are short humanoids with slight builds having had to adapt to food scarcity. They are directly descended from Humans and Dwarves who interbred.