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Darya, officially the United Provinces of Darya is a nation comprising 18 systems located in the mid-regions of the Far North Arm. Darya is centred around its namesake and largest world of Darya, the second planet of the Adal system. The United Provinces is dominated by the Darsi people, although some minorities exist, particularly in the outer territories of the United Provinces. The United Provinces describes itself as a federal directorial republic. The Darsi government operates under a distinct and unique form of direct democracy.

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  • ... that binary star systems have larger habitable zones than single star systems?
  • ... that many parts of Alice in Wonderland lampoon logical fallacies and higher level mathematics?
  • ... that Aboriginal Australians were among the first groups to leave Africa, arriving in Australia at least 40,000 years ago?

  • Try to make your villains memorable. A strong motivation and reason for doing things is always good to have.
  • Earth has hundreds of cultures. A vast interstellar empire will probably have even more.
  • When writing about invasions, try to plan them out in advance so that the motivations of both sides make sense.
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