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Born Time immemorial
Children Maw

Madu is the adversary of the Kalengam. The latter protects dreaming children, while the former eats them.

Madu's main form resembles an enormous wild dog whose skin is covered in a patchwork of fur and scales.

Its motivations are simple. It is eternally starving to consume beings. It abhors order and loves destruction. He is like the raging fire and will not cease until uniformity has been restored to the universe.

Uniformity means no life, no creation, no gods, no demons, no dreams, nothing. If allowed to satiate his hunger, everything would be reduced to a watery sludge, reminiscent of the ancient mists out of which the Primanna sprang into existence. Currently, Madu is imprisoned in the eighth Kingdom of Night, even though he was once Emperor. In some religious beliefs, Madu is prophesised to prevail over the forces of good and will then die once he has nothing left to eat. This will allow a new creation to exist. The Arumkum cult wanted to release Madu, who they believed would necessary for the Final Apocalypse to begin. Madu was nowhere close to being freed, but they let out some other nasty monsters out.

Madu has been imprisoned since the last Apocalypse, 4319 years ago, and has been gnawing on the walls of his prison ever since. Even while imprisoned, Madu has significant control over many spirits, something the Metaparliament has failed to address.

Many have tried to kill Madu. All have failed. He is believed to be unkillable and truly immortal. The fight against him continues indefinitely.

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