Lyra Vlahos

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Lyra Vlahos
Born 1/25/2333
Residence Independent Starship Terminus
Other names Subject 425D-26 (‘Birth’ Name)
Citizenship United Terran State
Occupation Civilian Contractor
Organization Tevus Mercenary Group
Species Human (Genetically Modified)
Height 5’ 4”
Weight 120 lbs
Parents N/A (Genetically Engineered)
Relatives N/A (Genetically Engineered)

Lyra Vlahos, formerly Subject 425D-26, was originally a genetic experiment created by a renegade Terran black ops organization. The laboratory she was being created at came under attack by a group from the Tevus Mercenary Group, by a team led by Dantrel Michaels.

After the rescue, Lyra Vlahos came to live with Dantrel Michaels on his ship, the Terminus, where Lyra became an integral part of his team. She demonstrated an impressive skill with both technology and magic, but her skills in combat were sub-par, meaning Dantrel typically only brought her with him into battle if they were expecting mechanical issues or magic-related problems.

After the Tevus Mercenary Group was devastated and Dantrel Michaels, being the highest-ranking (if youngest) surviving officer, took over, Lyra Vlahos became part of his command staff, despite only being 17 years of age.