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Lusderra, also known as the ‘Dark Cluster’ or ‘The World at the Wayside’, is a solar system at the far edge of the Anthrosphere, where other spheres begin to overlap. The worlds in this cluster are home to dark primal forces, and the human element is often at the lower rungs of society and the ecosystem.


Lusderra is the name of the central red giant star at the centre of the cluster. In orbit of the star are three major planets: Horae, Nibiru, and Vulcan. Horae holds an extremely close orbit to the star, meanwhile the latter two planets share an orbital path (roughly being at opposite points along this trajectory). The outer planets also each have a moon, Lilith and Apollo, respectively.

On the colloquially known ‘East’ side of the cluster is the Bleed: a segment of reality that slowly transitions into the unreality of the dreamworlds and the gyrus. The orbit of the outer planets regularly takes a path through the closer sides of the Bleed, resulting in the laws of reality shifting for a period of time. Some have posited that because of this there will one day be an apocalyptic situation wherein Nibiru and Vulcan will collide, but although the position of the planets within their orbit sometimes changes it has never done so to an alarming degree.

At the ‘North’ end of the cluster resides a Quipu Temple - a megastructure shaped akin to an octahedron. This is the main hub of Quipu activities within the system, though it is said that Lusderra rests mostly under their control.

At the ‘South’ end of the cluster another structure can be found: Outpost 5 - similarly scaled to the Quipu Temple, but made up of a number of refugee polities who no longer have access to their home clusters.


  • Horae - Due to the close proximity to Lusderra, and an extreme axial tilt, Horae experiences extreme seasonal variation. Winters can mean ice shelves covering islands, and summers can mean dried up lakebeds. However, as this is the only planet that does not cross over into the Bleed, many polities use it to keep their calendars correctly - it has even been said that the first snowfall and the first flower of spring can be foretold to the minute.
  • Nibiru - A mostly rocky planet with a smattering of small oceans. The global landmass is almost entirely connected, and results in extremely high mountains and the deepest canyons of the solar system. Considered the ‘most habitable’ planet of the system, most beings who reside in Lusderra do so here which results in many territorial skirmishes.
  • Lilith - The moon of Nibiru, said to originate from within the Bleed rather than from planetary formation. This has led some to believe that Lilith may at one point be taken back into the Bleed, despite being the home to many underground and surface colonies, while others have foretold that the moon will simply ‘flicker out one day’.
  • Vulcan - This planet is home to two polar oceans and a central belt continent. The continent is considered by many to be an ecological paradise, with lush jungles and forests that stretch its entirety - however it also carries a constant fire that navigates the continent making a full trip every few years, just enough time for the local flora to grow back to full height.
  • Apollo - The brightest of the celestial objects in the sky, except for Lusderra. This moon has an outer layer that reflects almost all energy away as an intense light. As a result, the inner habitable layers of the moon are some of the darkest and coldest locales in the entirety of Lusderra.


  • Ancient Era - Thousands of years ago, it is said that the first travellers came to Lusderra through the act of nightmare-walking. Considered at this point one of the most inaccessible regions known of in the Gyrus. It is said that the cluster was in flux at this time, with some theorising that the cluster was ‘catching the remains of unsettled ideas’, or put by the more cynical: ‘Lusderra was the clogged drain of the universe’. Myths relating to lost lands are often conflated to parts of Lusderra’s ancient history.
  • Quipu Emergence - When the Quipu found their way into this cluster events are said to have settled down. They established an order on the Cluster that reality attached itself to, for the most part. The worlds came under the sovereignty of the reptilian overlords whilst other races were either subjugated or erased.
  • Revolts - After many centuries the polities under the Quipu gave way to civil unrest, with an outbreak of armed conflicts. The result of these wars were enormous - including the creation of the Bleed and also the stepping back of the Quipu presence, which seemed to now be contained within the Temple at the ‘North’ of the cluster.
  • Modern Era - With more freedoms now given to them the cultures previously under the Quipu order started to expand and create their own identities. This caused many skirmishes, but overall a kind of peace has lasted for the current time. Amongst this, contact with other clusters has also started to emerge, leading to beings spilling over from many other places into the planets of Lusderra. The effects of these migrations are yet to be properly explored.


  • Quipu - a reptilian race who lack the ability to dreamwalk. Instead, their focus has been put on other advances in technology and understanding. For the most part they are aligned with the Quipu High Dynasty, an ancient order who seek to dominate any areas they influence, whether overtly or not.
  • Humans - Having migrated to the cluster in the Ancient Era, humans have a long and weary history of attempting to survive in the harsh landscapes of Lusderra. Over time they have carved out places to call home, but rather than dominating the local area they have instead needed to accept the presence of greater and often terrible beings.
  • Zula - An ancient tribe of transformed humans the acquired great magical abilities by drinking of sap from the World Tree. After self-imposing their own exilre after a war that nearly destroyed Earth, a group of them arrived on Lusderra after being captured by the Goar.
  • Goar - An offshoot tribe of Zula that acquired a corrupted appearance after experimenting with dark magic. After a war with the Zula, they were exiled by the Great Spirit from Earth to Lusderra. However, the Goar continued their experiments on the captured Zula.
  • Id - creatures born of impulse and desire in the dark of the collective psyche. Whilst in other clusters they have been slaughtered and cut off, in Lusderra they have found a home in which they have been able to develop into complex beings on par with the ‘gods’ of Metabeings and physical races.
  • Metabeings - Due to the overwhelming presence of the Quipu High Dynasty, which suppressed many cultures, the Metabeings of Lusderra are only recently coming into their own. They are often aligned with the communities who created them, and are often unknowing of much of Lusderran history.

Notable Figures