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Star Serus
Type Wasteland planet
Satellites Five derelict dreadnoughts in orbit
Gravity 0.5 G
Orbital distance 0.9 AU
Day length 20.7 hours
Year length 301.1 days
Diameter 6,342 km
Axial tilt
Average 2° C
Minimum -70° C
Maximum 30° C
Composition 92% nitrogen, 3% oxygen, 2% freon, 3% other
Surface pressure 2.1 atm
Population No permanent settlements

Libitinia was a former Omni colony used to store retired starships and vehicles. It is hypothesized that the planet was one of the earliest Omni colonies given the amount of debris that covers the planet. Abandoned factories and other structures dot the planet.


The planet has five large 700 kilometer dreadnoughts in stable orbit of the planet. It is likely that these ships were never stored on the planet's surface because they were unable to enter the planet's atmosphere. However, in 56 ADR, the dreadnoughts crashed into Libitinia's surface creating massive firestorms.


The decaying cores of the starships on the surface have released excess nitrogen and freon into the planet's atmosphere over many years. The atmosphere is far from breathable, and pressure suits are required for exploration. The planet once had primitive life, but as the oxygen levels lowered, all complex respirating life has since perished.


Most of the planet is extremely dry and arid with rocky deserts. However, the ships themselves have become solidified into the geography after thousands of years.