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Lexighor is a southern continent in the plane Khyorgan, it is situated north of Andavronia and the west of Obreidhion.


  • Khinara Fortress: This fortress is also seen as a city as there are numerous citizens, merchants and craftsmen found here.



Desert of Lexighor

The desert of Lexighor makes up for most off Lexighor's mass, it is a nearly-inhospitable and dangerous wasteland even in comparison to the Amacata Desert, the abominations once roamed this desert until they returned home to Dhelarushick following the Abomination Crusades of King Matharis IV.

Orcish peoples who migrated to Khyorgan during the Immigration Era were forced into this desert by the races of Man after several decades of conflict between the two. The various Orcish tribes living here began uniting after word of forces from Andavronia amassing a crusader army for a Lexighor Crusade.


Archei is a mountain range in the northern parts of Lexighor, it is home to the Archei Clans who are on friendly terms with the Andavronian Empire and are at war with the Orcs of Lexighor.