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The father of Charlotte Beaumont, Lewis Beaumont was a researcher for SomniLabs during the Cold War. His wife, Alice Beaumont, was a fellow researcher who introduced him to college, Gabriela "Yuun" Ore, a member of the Guardians of Ahona. They learned about dreamwalking and how they could use it to fight against Soviet Russia who were conducting similar experiments.


In 1985, Lewis' and Alice's daughter Charlotte turned 8. However, around this time, Alice was diagnosed with a terminal disease called Chronic Hypersomnism or CHS. Lewis became desperate to find a way to use dreamwalking as a cure for his wife's illness. During one of Lewis' experiments, a disaster resulted in the death of over 200 people who were in the middle of dreamwalking. The US government, seeing Lewis' unethical methods, gave him the choice of going to prison for life or to abandon his research forever. SomniLabs in addition was shut down and the dreamwalking front of the Cold War was abandoned. However, they allowed the Ore family to continue to protect the dream worlds while withdrawing all of SomniLabs' activities.

Later that same year, Alice would succumb to her disease. Lewis refused to believe that she had died, believing her soul was still somewhere in the dream worlds. When SomniLabs relocated to Hong Kong, he left Charlotte behind to live with Yuun until moving out at only age 16 to provide ley line data to SomniLabs. By 1990, Lewis had already discovered Alice to be truly dead, but refused to inform Charlotte of that information. Sinking into griefstricken madness, Lewis blamed the Great Spirit for Alice's death for fating her die and to make his family suffer.

However, his secret research continued to motivate him. After obsessively reading ancient tomes on occult rituals combining them with his knowledge of quantum mechanics, Lewis believed that by summoning a powerful Id known as the Godslayer, he could destroy the Great Spirit and all the gods of the various pantheons around the world. Lewis' madness did not end there. He decided to manipulate his own daughter into helping him achieve his goal, pathologically lying to her to get her to unleash the Godslayer.

After Charlotte had released the Fire Heist Crew as well as the Godslayer by extent, she confronted her father. During that time, Charlotte herself had acquired CHS, the same illness as her mother. Lewis became conflicted, desperate to save his own daughter, but Charlotte refused his help since he was too far gone having unleashed the Godslayer - not to mention the 200 that died in his attempt to save her mother. After an intense duel, Charlotte defeated her father - his soul getting lost in the multiverse forever. By this time, Charlotte was beginning to succumb to CHS.

As one last desperate measure to make up for her failure to save Lewis's wife, Yuun decided to put Charlotte in a coma until a time when a cure to CHS would be found.