Kuten Decosa

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Kuten Decosa
Other names The Thirteen
God(s) The Thirteen Wills
Demonym Decosaner
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Kuten Decosa, or simply Decosa, was a polytheistic Coracan religion with thirteen gods, a number considered especially sacred and auspicious in the region of its origin.


Kuten Decosa means 'Will of the Thirteen' in old Osgal.


At the centre of the religion where the eponymous thirteen wills, each considered aspects of the same great being. Chief among them was Koka, Will of Harmony.

Koka, Will of Harmony

Koru, Will of Life

Tod, Will of Death

Pir, Will of Fire

Thala, Will of Water

Maya, Will of Space

Janus, Will of Time

Kor, Will of Dust

Eka, Will of the Void

Gara, Will of Flow

Geos, Will of Foundation

Paks, Will of Peace

Bella, Will of War





Beginning in 120 Fa, Cruxi gained many converts from the ranks of the Decosayers and within several centuries, became dominant. Decosayers lost state support at the expense of the new religion and gradually shrank into extinction.

Influence on later culture


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