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Khyorgan is a major area of Erudite, consisting of several smaller continents and islands. Khyorgan is the second largest region in terms of landmass and is home to many people, races, cultures and empires. Recently, Khyorgan was nearly conquered by Demons from Brunikor, in what was called the War of Khyorgan, which caused great political and societal upheaval.


Creation Era

Khyorgan was created after the fall of the United Plane, and it was considered to be the equal of the great realm of Eidyn. Khyorgan is unique in that a handful of organisms from the United Plane survived on it and the gods allowed the realm to develop by giving the Sentinels an Aard'Vorn. In the absence of all but the simplest survivors from the United Plane, it developed it's own completely unique biosphere, but colonists from Eidyn would go on to introduce several creatures from their own realm, such as horses, which are now widespread.

The first original inhabitants of Khyorgan were the mysterious, dragon-like Sentinels, flying, serpentine magical beings who believed it was their duty to guard Khyorgan from threats. From the island continent Mildhurian at the heart of Khyorgan came the Qilins, flesh-eating barbarians in their early history, but in more recent times monks and scholars. From the caves below Dhelarushick emerged the Abominations, a fierce caste society of beings created by the Primordial Malcide. Finally, from the mountains of Lexighor arrived the Valkyrii, singular Valkyre, warriors who seek honour and loyalty to their empress even if it means their death.

Immigration Era

From Eidyn, the Elves came to the forests of the south, followed by the Dwarves who arrived in Archei and the other high mountains. Orcs came soon after, but disputes with the elves and dwarves lead them to be relegated to the harsh Amacata Desert and Desert of Lexighor. Next came the Kitsune, the fox people native to Necronia. Finally came Humans, who arrived first in Obreidhion, but spread across much of Khyorgan.

Some Dwarves and Humans that colonized the foothills of the Archei Mountains were isolated from the rest of the world and became interbred. Over the course of half a century, the differences between the two faded until all the people from that part of the foothills were short like the Dwarves but lightly built like the Humans. These half-Dwarf, half-Human people were called Halflings. Soon, their population grew beyond what the hills could sustain and they emigrated to the peninsula Ibrin in Andavronia.

Magitek Era

For unknown reasons (some historians blame Genies, others blame Sentinels, or even the Gods, whomever they may be), the advent of magic and science moved unusually swiftly in Khyorgan's early history, and soon magitek empires began to arise. The most well-known of these were the Segaran Technocracy, Aurum Confederacy, Empire of the Red Tower, and Empire of Shai-shan.

Late into the Magitek Era, the Segarans vanished, and several decades later, a war broke out between the Aurum Confederacy and the Empire of Shai-shan, hurtling Khyorgan into the Dark Age.

The Dark Age

While the Aurum Confederacy and Shai-shan waged war against one another to the west, the Empire of the Red Tower was annihilated by nation-wide slave revolts in the west, and the abominations swept across Khyorgan's north. Much of the vast knowledge the world obtained during the Magitek era was lost during the Dark Age, as war and economic collapse swept every continent. The Dark Age ended all large-scale trade between Khyorgan and the other continents.

Medieval Era

As the Dark Age wound down, new nations sprung up from the carnage. The Kingdom of Taurya and Kingdom of Polvora in Obreidhion, Andavronian Confederacy in Andavronia, and Archei Clans in Lexighor were prominent Medieval Khyorganese civilizations which rose to power following the end of the Magitek empires.

Imperial Era

As the Medieval Era nations wrapped up the last of the problems the Dark Age had caused them, they began to expand outwards and forge their own empires. A Tauryan by the name of King Matharias IV created the Matharian Empire and expelled the native Qilins of the Gomchar Empire from the island of Mildhurian, where they had ruled unchallenged since before humans ever stepped foot in Khyorgan. The Allied Khionic Monasteries, Clan Permulaan, Karang Batu, and the Empire of the Rising Sun also emerged during this time.

The War of Khyorgan

Despite it's comparatively short timeframe, lasting only 23 years, the War of Khyorgan caused so much societal upheaval and permanently altered Khyorgan to such an extent that it is considered to be a unique era of it's own. The War Of Khyorgan, also known as the Demon Wars, was a conflict initiated when the Shadow Force took advantage of unique planetary alignments to summon an army of Demons from Bruinkor.

Cooperation between a myriad of allies, rivals, enemies, and peoples who had never interacted with one another before lead to the destruction of the invading forces, but many nations, such as the once-great Kingdom of Taurya, fell to the Shadow Force and it's demon armies in the process. Many new alliances were formed during the Demon Wars, but so to were the seeds of dispute planted as nations rushed to occupy territory abandoned by fallen civilizations.

Renaissance Era

The Khyorganese Renaissance was a period of time in which new nations replaced the old ones which had been destroyed by the war; Though new friendships had been established by the war, many of them fell apart as disputes rose over territorial gains made during the war. Many nations were wracked with economic problems in the face of the immense cost of the Demon Wars, and several nations sought to expand their control and obtain new sources of income from foreign lands, such as Polvora's colonization of the South Nautilus Isles.




Khyorgan has six regions large enough top be considered continents.

  • Andavronia - Andavronia is a a small continent to the far south of mainland Khyorgan, which was originally an island until it collided with Obreidhon.
  • Lexighor - Lexighor is situated to the northwest of Andavronia and southwest of the inland Gomchar Sea. It is connected to Obreidhion by a narrow land bridge.
  • Dhelarushick - Dhelarushick is the largest continent and makes up the northern part of Khyorgan's mainland. It is separated from the southern continents by Gomchar, the inland sea which contains Mildhurian.
  • Mrigae - Mrigae is a continent which once formed the heart of the Empire of Shai-shan. Though Shai-shan is long gone, the golems they once enslaved remain on the island, presenting a potential for extreme danger to those who manage to breech Mrigae's magical barrier protection and survive it's other dangerous inhabitants. Mrigae's hostile conditions make it unsuitable for any modern civilizations by the time of the Khyorganese Renaissance.

Seas and Oceans

  • Gomchar Sea - The Gomchar Sea is a small sea around Mildhurian which is at the heart of Khyorgan.
  • Nautilus Ocean - The Nautilus Ocean is a large ocean which encompasses the majority of Khyorgan's surface. The four main continents are found at the heart of this ocean.

Islands and Skylands

Beyond the continents which surround the Varheid Sea, there are many isles in the unexplored stretches of the Nautilus Ocean. The vast majority of this ocean is unexplored, and legend says that entire continents lie hidden in mist or forgotten under the waves. The skies are also home to mysterious, floating masses of land known as "skylands," animated by unknown magic.

  • Taivor - Taivor is a series of islands off the west coast of Dhelarushick, home to several colonies of the Empire of the Rising Sun and the Polvorans.
  • Laputupal - Laputupal is a skyland archipelago home to several colonies of the Empire of the Rising Sun. The islands are a strategic advantage should there be a war with Polvora, as they make an excellent point from which to launch airships.
  • Shai Archipelago - Also called the North Nautilus Islands, the Shai Archipelago is a collection of islands to the east of Mrigae. It was once home to the Empire of Shai-Shan before the Golem Rebellion and war with the Aurum Confederacy.
  • The Triangle - The Triangle consists of three small islands where many travelers stop while going to and from Valordyn.
  • Atonicka - Atonicka is an island of Amicalis to the east of Obreidhion. Atonicka is overrun by thick jungle terrain, and blasted by hurricane winds from the open sea to the east, making it largely uninhabited up until the Diesel Age.


The below civilizations are organized by what age they were founded in. Names in italics are no longer extant.

Creation Era

Sentinel Empire

The Sentinel Empire is the Sentinel government. It was ruled by the Sentinel Core from the Sky Fortress, but after he/she/it sacrificed him/her/itself during the War of Khyorgan, the figurehead Empress Meiling II has been put in charge until a new core can be found.

The Root Carvers

The Root Carvers were a mysterious race from the Creation Era that made carvings and cities under the World Tree. They existed in the caves formed by the tree's roots, the full extent of which remain unexplored. No one knows who they were. Based on the carving style and the age of their cities, some scholars have come to the conclusion that they were survivors of the United Plane. Others posit that they were an early Sentinel civilization, while still others think they were Valkyriis. The truth may never be known.

Immigration Era


Magitek Era

Segaran Technocracy


Empire of Shai-Shan


The Dark Age

The Shadow Force

The Shadow Force is a sinister organisation that wants to see Khyorgan being turned into a paradise for demons and undead. They have troops and cells all over Khyorgan and even have influences in almost every nation and every race on Khyorgan.

Garchom Empire

This was once a powerful empire, centred on Mildhurian and ruled by Qilins. King Matharis IV conquered Mildhurian and destroyed the Garchom Empire to found the Matharian Empire.


Amicalis is a land in eastern Obreidhion which was formerly under the control of the Empire of the Red Tower, until the large slave populace revolted and established their own nation in the final years of the Khyorgan Dark Age. Amicalis is a technologically forward nation, with innovations such as steam-propelled warships and trains helping them to remain a formidable power.

Medieval Era

Polvora Empire

The Polvora Empire is a nation in southern Obreidhion. They have formed a vast seafaring empire in the oceans to the south and explored the deserts to the north. Polvora's colonial pursuits in the South Nautilus Isles and Taivor have been points of contention between the Polvorans and other peoples.

Kingdom of Taurya

Taurya was a powerful nation that ruled much of western Obreidhon for several centuries. However, after several wars with the Matharian Empire and the attempted Demon conquest of the plane, their once-legendary military force was shattered and the Matharians annexed them. The Tauryan royal family currently rules a small kingdom north of Rising Sun, the Kingdom of New Taurya.

Archei Clans

The Archei Clans are a collection of Dwarven clans that form a powerful and rich confederacy. As their name suggests, they come from the mountains of Archei.

United Orcish Tribes of Gorholl


Imperial Era

Matharian Empire

The Matharian Empire is a mainly Human-run empire centred on the island of Mildhurian. It was created by King Matharis IV, an exiled leader of the ancient Kingdom of Taurya famous for his crusades against the Abominations. He founded the empire after conquering Mildhurian from the Qilins, who back then were a barbaric race of flesh-eaters. The empire is currently ruled by Empress Illiar I.

Clan Permulaan

A colony of Halflings found in the island chain of Kesuma, the Permulaan Halflings are explorers and hunters who value honour, teamwork and cooperation. They live in small villages and have very little technological sophistication, though their ships are highly advanced.

Kingdom of Karang Batu

The Kingdom of Karang Batu is a relatively minor civilization found on Karang Batu and some of the other South Nautilus Islands. They were originally a tribal society similar in structure to Clan Permulaan of Kesuma, but thanks to their use of Segaran technology, they have risen in technological power far faster than they should have and are poised on the brink of civil war.

Allied Khionic Monasteries


War of Khyorgan


Renaissance Era

Empire of the Rising Sun

The Empire of the Rising Sun is a small but powerful empire famous for their seafaring and aeronautic might. They are found on the eastern coast of Dhelarushick, though they have colonies in many distant islands in the sea and the sky.

Orcish Alliance of New Gorholl

The Orcish tribes are native to the deserts of Lexighor and have formed a loose confederacy. They are all that remain of the once-great confederacy that was Gorholl.

Kingdom of New Taurya

The kingdom of New Taurya is a successor to the Kingdom of Taurya, which was destroyed during the War of Khyorgan. It is a minor kingdom situated to the north of the Empire of the Rising Sun, and it is currently in a very tense disagreement with Matharia over control of a strip of land between their empires that could contain massive deposits of Ekati crystals.

Gailstream Alliance

The Gailstream Alliance is an alliance of Valkyrii city-states, formed after the War of Khyorgan when the Galiforian Empire collapsed.

Confederacy of the South Nautilus Isles

In the South Nautilus Isles during the events of the War of Khyorgan, a once-powerful mercenary organization was attacked by the Abyssal Machine while retreating from a disastrous battle against the Demons. Stranded on Karang Batu, they used Segaran technology to build an imposing fleet and formed the Confederacy of the South Nautilus Isles, an organization of pirates and mercenaries which commanded the waters south of Karang Batu.


Khyorgan has a completely unique biology, since life here was created independently of the First Plane thanks to the use of the Aard'Vorn known as the Eye of Long.


  • Asgard Tree: There is only one known individual of this species. See World Tree.
  • Karnoflore: TBA
  • Nimbus tree: These trees are born aloft by sacs of hydrium, and float in massive aerial forests.
  • TBA


  • Cetusky: Majestic, floating, whale-like creatures, Skyrons are considered sacred by the Valkyriis and can live to be a thousand years old.
  • Jaëger: Jaëgers are predatory, pack-hunting bipeds found across much of Andavronia and southern Lexighor. They are the Khyorganese equivalent of wolves.
  • Saurian: Found in parts of Obreidhion, these gigantic predators are larger relatives of Jaëgers. They were frequently used as mounts by the Polvorans and the Empire of the Rising Sun.
  • Hinust Occupying the same spot in the ecosystem as the Jaëger east of the Amacata Desert, the Hinust is a furry, somewhat canine-esque predator with facial features similar to a mole, which hunts in packs. Hinust are a light brown color, with a white underbelly and black stripe across their back, and weigh around 60-75 lbs, or 27 to 34 kg.
  • Werewyrm: Found in deserts to the east, these huge, serpent-like beasts are known to be very similar to the Sentinels. Whether or not they're related or the product of convergent evolution is unknown.
  • Alleghor: A close relative of the Werewyrm, the Alleghor is a serpentine predator found in the Amacata Desert and historically across much of Khyorgan's deserts. It tunnels in the sand and sprays poison at it's prey. It can also fatally electrocute animals.
  • Octhokrey: This massive aquatic predator resembles a squid, but it is much larger than any squids known from Eidyn and has between six and fourteen tentacles.
  • Swiftrunner: A gliding, herbivorous biped found south of the Gomchar Sea, the Swiftrunner is a very common sight for Khyorganese travellers and a favourite meal for Saurians and Jaëgers. There are five varieties of Swiftrunner known so far:
    • Common Swiftrunner: The standard Swiftrunner found across the south of continental Khyorgan. They are extremely common and often found in plains and savannahs. They feed on grass, trees and shrubs, though in a drought they will eat almost anything. Their chief predators are Jaëgers and Saurians. Recently, they have been introduced to Eidyn and have quickly turned into an invasive species.
    • Amacatan Swiftrunner: A variety of Swiftrunner adapted for the harsh and unforgiving Amacatan Desert. They are the smallest of the Swiftrunners. An Amacatan Swiftrunner can go for between 7 and 21 days without water, though even with these adaptations, few cross the heart of the desert and live. Very uncommon in the wild, as most have been tamed by the Picos and later the Taulans.
    • Mountain Swiftrunner: Found in the Archei Mountains and built to survive these majestic but merciless mountains. Their gliding abilities make them especially light-footed and nimble, a useful trait in avoiding deadly falls. They also have far denser fur than other Swiftrunners. Commonly tamed by Dwarves and Valkyriis.
    • Garchom Swiftrunner: Garchom Swiftrunners are the rarest kind of Swiftrunner. They are found only on islands and beaches of the Garchom Sea. They are the only Swiftrunners known to be amphibious, having adapted their wings into flippers. Their specialized adaptations to life on the beaches and islands have meant they are extremely sensitive to habitat loss.
    • Domestic Swiftrunner: Descended from the Common Swiftrunner, these farm animals can be found nowhere in the wild. They are bred for their long hair, useful for producing clothing, and their nutritious and delicious milk. This is also the most common Swiftrunner, and they can be seen in captivity as far afield as Andavronia and the Shai Archipelago. They are one of the two Swiftrunner varieties accidentally introduced to Eidyn.
  • Burbarst: Large hogs, some of which were domesticated into Amicalis Pigs.
    • King Burbarst: An especially large, but rare subspecies that could grow to a maximum of 1,100 lbs (500 kg) and 5 feet tall (1.65 meters) at the shoulder.
  • Entherd: A large gavialid crocodilian, between 3.5 and 5 meters (11.5 and 16.5 ft) in length and with a green coloration, only found in the northern bogs of the Oceanhead and Bezard jarldoms.
  • Blomoros: A crustacean with a somewhat irregular pentagon shell, colored pink and white, the Blomoros would sunbathe in the day and then submerge itself in the cooler depths, attracting leeches to eat with it's false body heat.
  • Thaurogont: Native to the savannahs of Amacata, the mighty Thaurogont is a behemoth-sized herbivore and sometimes a meal for Saurians. It is roughly the size of an Eidynese elephant and is partly responsible for the general lack of trees in the savannah, due to it's love of wood and leafy foliage. Historically, they were tamed as beasts of war, but nowadays they are ridden only by the Taulan and Picos tribes. Two subspecies are recognized:
    • Savannah Thaurogont: The larger, more famous kind.
    • Forest Thaurogont: A lesser-known variation that lives in dense jungles in Andavronia. Very rare.
  • Matharis' Jaeger: A predator known from the northern shore of the Garchom Sea, named after King Matharis IV. Despite the name, it is related to the Jaeger only in appearance.
  • Pentacorn: A massive beast similar to a cross between a rhinoceros and a ceratopsian dinosaur, the Pentacorn is a large herbivore found mainly in the Amacatan Savannah. Though generally a peaceful grazer, it's deadly head of horns has been the last thing many an overconfident Jaëger ever saw.
  • Thoach: A nocturnal hippopotamus known to charge people, and capable of swift charges despite it's semiaquatic nature.
  • Tonittor: A gigantic turtle that preys on all but the largest of pachyderms, and relies on it's armored shell to protect it from their hooves, tusks, and teeth. The Tonittor's shell protects it from swords, maces, axes, arrows, and low caliber gunfire, but it's immense weight obligates the Tonittor to be an ambush predator.
  • Vesont: A large deinotheriate terrible beast pachyderm, used as a war animal by Amicalis prior to the Diesel Age.
  • Buffalox: A common ranch animal known for its hide and meat.
    • Oxtaur: A subspecies of Buffalox. Oxtaur have larger horns and are far more aggressive.
  • Simlan: A large, golden-haired, quadrapedal predator native to Andavronia.
  • Karakai: A massive beetle-like animal found in deserts north of the Garchom Sea, as big as a horse and with the ability to fly. Traditionally ridden by Matharian warriors, now only rarely found in captivity. Critically endangered in the wild due to being hunted by Demons in the war.
  • Climber Bear: A human-sized tan bear adapted to climb rocks.
  • Gomlid: A red, bipedal amphibian with opposable thumbs.
  • Tonacer: A metallic, chrome creature, who's carapace reflected the harmful rays from the sun and snow. The Tonacer had a square body and four legs, with five eyes.
  • Dyncha A poisonous frog that often stands on two legs, and can grow to considerable size. Found exclusively on the Obreidhion island of Atonicka.
  • Serther: A titanic serpent, that can grow to 35 feet in length, found within jungles.
  • Tanage: A brilliantly colored Casuariidaen bird.
  • Phoaldilt: A large, fast, dark brown scorpion creature with a legspan of around 2 feet (0.65 meters), it's trail curves under it's body instead of above it, to allow it to sting shelled prey. The Phoaldilt had only one cyclopean eye, and was found within the caves below Amicalis, east of the Amacata Desert.
  • Etelmit: Three feet (one meter) long from head to tail, the Etelmit was a eurypterid that inhabited flooded cave systems.

  • TBA


Immigrant Races

  • Human: The Human race is, along with the various Elven species, one of the more dominant races in Khyorgan and thus can be found almost anywhere, although their privileges depend on the nation they reside in.
    • Polvoran: Polvorans are a subrace of Humans formed when elves and humans of the Gibral Peninsula interbred with one another. They tend to have light bronze to dark skin, and most of them have pointed ears.
  • Elf: Several races of Elf exist in Khyorgan.
    • Moon Elf: Moon Elves are known from across Eidyn, and some of their kind have colonized Khyorgan. Most of them are found in the Empire of the Rising Sun, which has a sizeable Elven population. They are shunned in Khyorgan, being associated with bad luck and death.
    • Sun Elf: Sun Elves are believed to be from Sataranalia, the Sun Elven name for Khyorgan's larger sun Solarius. Whether or not this is true is disputed. They worship the Sun as a god, but there exists no evidence so far that Sataranalia has divine properties. Most of them are found on the east coast of Obreidhon, where they pray at sunrise.
    • High Elf: Some High Elves have emigrated to Khyorgan, though being very rare their population is under a hundred. Most of the High Elves found in Khyorgan are situated near the World Tree, and as a result the area is infused with their magic as well as the natural magic the tree radiates.
    • Wood Elf: Wood Elves are a tribal race who flock to Khyorgan to worship the World Tree. Some tribes live around, in and under the tree their whole lives, much to the disgust of the High Elves already living there. The most magically adept Wood Elves are known to be from the World Tree, as it's combination of magical energy and the energy of the indigenous High Elves have increased their mT rating over time. Someday, they might even be transformed into a separate race of Elves.
    • Kronos Elf: Kronos Elves hold much power and prestige in Eidyn, and things are little different in Khyorgan. Due to their ability to see almost all that is, and was, and ever could be, they have an extreme superiority complex, considering themselves above even the High Elves.
    • Vulcan Elf: Vulcan Elves arrived from Heznland under the banner of the Empire of the Red Tower, and pillaged and enslaved other races upon their arrival. Vulcan Elves were driven out of Khyorgan in huge numbers following the collapse of the Empire of the Red Tower, but some remain.
  • Dwarf: Dwarves are the rulers of the Archei Mountains. They can be found across Khyorgan, but they are most at home underground, in their mines. Legend has it that there is a secret dwarf kingdom under the Archei Mountains.
  • Orc: The Orcs in Lexighor are tribal creatures who fight each other and the nations from beyond the mountain range surrounding the endless desert. They once ruled a powerful kingdom, but after the disastrous War of Khyorgan waged against the Demons and the Shadow Force, they have reverted back to their barbarian ways.
  • Halfling: Halflings are descended from dwarves and humans that lived in isolated villages in the foothills of the Archei Mountains. Over time, the villagers inbred and the differences between dwarf and human faded away. The resulting people were short like the dwarves, but less stocky, built more like humans. They are found across Khyorgan. They are far too easy to underestimate, and though most are farmers, their short stature and padded feet make them excellent spies.
  • Kitsune: A sizeable population of kitsune exist in the north. The mysterious fox people are rarely seen.
  • Thunderbird: Legend states that some Thunderbirds fled to Khyorgan after the fall of the United Plane. However, this is supported only by Valkyrii legend, which is known to be an unreliable source.
  • Demon: Demons were summoned in large numbers to Khyorgan by the Shadow Force during the War of Khyorgan. Though most Bruinkorian forces fled back to Bruinkor, surrendered, or were wiped out, some still reside within Khyorgan today; Demons are viewed disfavorably by many Khyorganese socities due to their role in the war.
  • Maliekt: The maliekt are a race of tall insect people from Gricsyn. The origins of the maliekt before their arrival to Khyorgan are unclear, it is possible they rapidly evolved through some means from more primitive beings from the United Plane.

Native Races

  • Sentinels: These magical, dragon-like creatures hail from The Sky Fortress and are considered the guardians of Khyorgan. Some Valkyrii worship them as resurrected warriors. Nobody knows where they came from, but no one can deny they have sacrificed much for Khyorgan. They were once commanded by the Sentinel Core that lived in the Sky Fortress, but the Core was killed during the War of Khyorgan waged against the Demons. Today, the figurehead Emperor has assumed temporary control over the Sentinel Junta until a new Sentinel Core can be found.
  • Valkyriis: Winged, bird-like, almost angelic beings found only in the highest mountains of Khyorgan, at first glance they appear to be peaceful and harmless. But take another look, and maybe you'll see battle scars and armour under their robes. And if you look into their eyes, you'll see the cold, hard glare of a warrior. Valkyriis put battle and honour over life and limb, and their shriek has been the last thing many a barbarian ever hears. They are worshippers of the mysterious Sentinels, believing them to be reincarnated warriors. Though they are currently few in numbers, having fought hard and lost lives in the War, they are still feared. Don't ever try to enter one of their cities, or worse, their monasteries, without permission, or what's left of you will freeze in the cold mountains.
  • Qilin: Today, Qilins are mostly a race of scholars and religious figures, but they have a bloody history. They originated on the island of Mildhurian, and were originally organized into warrior clans. However, one clan was able to conquer all the others, and the united Qilins ventured across the Garchom Sea in the midst of the Dark Age. They formed an empire and ruled the shores of Garchom until the dawn of the Imperial Era, when King Matharis IV was exiled to the edge of their territory. The Tauryans considered him as good as dead. Incredibly, though, Matharis IV was able to gather up an army and conquered Mildhurian, founding the Matharian Empire and exiling the Qilins from their land. With their military prowess, their empire and their honour lost, many Qilins turned to more peaceful pursuits, slowly transforming into their more peaceful modern-day counterparts. However, some Qilins still harken to their warlike past, and tribes of Qilin warriors roam the area south of the Garchom Sea and wait for a chance to reclaim what is rightfully theirs - Mildhurian and the Garchom Sea.
  • Genie: Genies are ancient mystical creature with powerful, reality manipulating abilities, including time travel. Genies are also believed by scholars to be the source of numerous prophecies, messages from the future that instruct chosen individuals as to what they must do. They are believed to be related to Sentinels, though the nature of this relationship is unclear. Many Genies can be found imprisoned in magical bottles. The reason for this imprisonment is unknown. When freed, Genies are bound to grant their freer a wish, though beware, for they'll often take you literally.
  • Golems: The Golems are an ancient race of colossal elemental creatures. The Empire of Shai-shan enslaved many golems in Mrigae, but after their disastrous war with the Aurum Confederacy, Shai-shan no longer had the resources to contain or control their powerful former servants.
  • Abominations: Abominations are a race of beings that must alter the bodies and minds of other creatures to increase their population; Abominations were once quite common and deadly in Khyorgan's more hostile deserts, the Amacata Desert and Desert of Lexighor, but in the wake of the Abomination Crusades they consolidated their power in Dhelarushick.