Karang Batu

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Karang Batu is the largest island of the South Nautilus Isles. Once, it was the heart of the Segaran Technocracy, but now only ruins remain. It is inhabited by a small kingdom made up of Pandarians, but they are threatened by the iron fist of the Polvora Empire.


Karang Batu has a large mountain range along its western coast creating a massive rainshadow across much of the island. In turn, Karang Batu is mostly desert and plains with a few pocket forests.

Karang Batu is also littered with industrial ruins and abandoned factories created by the Segaran Technocracy several thousand years ago. These were the remains of mines that collected enaren ekati from deep below. Some of the floating cities that were once suspended in the air have since crashed down, creating enormous impact craters throughout the island.




  • Gajahunta - A large, herbivorous reptilian creature with a rough, scaly hide and four powerful legs. They are often used by the natives to transport goods.

Points of interest

Ruins of Rayya

Rayya was formerly the capital of the Segaran Technocracy. In the past, the buildings defied gravity, having been constructed from enaren ekati. Since then, they have toppled over, crashing down onto the surface. The floating islands from above have also fallen, crushing many areas below. What's left forms the capital of the Kingdom of Karang Batu.

Spire of Ten Thousand Steps

The Spire of Ten Thousand Steps is one of the few remaining intact structures left by the Segaran Technocracy. The interior of the tower consists of a great spiral staircase that circles the interior walls, while a broken lift lays at the base. The highest room of the tower contains several thrones - possibly a council chamber.

Surprisingly, some living suits of armor are still active, patrolling the halls of this tower as if it were still at the apex of its glory. These knights wear armor of an alloy of mithril and adamant, and they are hostile to intruders.