Kansar Nebula

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The Kansar Nebula is a supernova remnant in the Inner Far South Arm.


It is a young nebula, having formed in 1000 years ago as the result of a supernova.



Main article: Sarkanna

Sarkanna is home to one of the oldest habitable planets known in the galaxy: Zema. The star system was believed to have once been home to ancient civilization that inhabited the galaxy four billion years ago. Physical evidence from this previous civilization is nearly non-existent, and the system's previous inhabitation was only known through data records found on Novarckas. This system later became home to the Drussiray who were genetically engineered as an experiment by the Omni.

Kansar Pulsar

Main article: Kansar Pulsar

The Kansar Pulsar is a young neutron star at the center of the nebula. It is roughly 20 km in diameter, and its pulsating beams rotate 30 times per second.


Main article: Wollstonecraft

Wollstonecraft is classified as part of the territory of the Delson Hegemony. After a war devastated the planet Ashadra, the system was given to Ashadran refugees from the war to start a new life of their own.

Stratus Centauri

Main article: Stratus Centauri

Stratus Centauri was a system previously colonized by the Omni. Their ruins gave rise to a spacefaring civilization known as the Sarkakion.