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The Kalengam is the governor of Lupus Mundi and the Wolf-id.


A very long time ago, it is said, when humanity first roamed the savannah, the Kalengam began existence together with his own pocket dreamworld. Back then, he was unformed, undecided, unfinished. He later took the form of a tripartite hybrid of lion, eagle and snake. Thus, he was the first dragon.

The Kalengam took his name from the people of an unknown human-inhabited world, according to the few dreamwalkers who claim that he confided this information in them. While the Kalengam goes by many names amongst humans, he appears to consistently use this name to introduce himself.


The Kalengam most often appears as a wolf, albeit somewhat larger than normal and with a number of intricate white markings in his grey fur. Infrequently, the Kalengam uses the appearance of other feared animals, or even fears whose appearances are not easily described after they have been seen.

Occasionally, however, he appears as his original form, the form that humans call ‘dragon’. He uses it to show his power to those who doubt or challenge it.

Other wolf-id are mostly fixed in the form they begin in. (despite the name, they do not all take the form of wolves all the time. They are grouped together because they act similarly and have similar characteristics).

Behaviour and powers

The Kalengam is not evil. He searches for exceptional dreamwalkers as they enter his realm, often personally, and helps them using his knowledge. Since he is hundreds of thousands of years old, the Kalengam is wise. He has the ability to perceive people’s abilities and motivations. With a child, he can easily know them inside and out at a glance and can even foresee several likely scenarios of what they will turn out to be. With older beings, however, he can still be very perceptive. In most cases, a dreamwalker will find it nearly impossible to hide everything from the Kalengnam.

The Kalengam is the perpetual leader of Lupus Mundi, but does not have the power to change how it appears. The appearance of Lupus Mundi depends entirely on human fears and culture.

The Kalengam is capable of dreamwalking into other worlds with ease. On Earth, however, he appears more ghostly than on dreamier worlds like Lupus Mundi. His explanation of this, is, according to one Earth dreamwalker, ‘I am well-connected to the Gyrus’, although this particular dreamwalker did not understand what he meant. Finally, he manages the world of Lupus Mundi, making sure it is safe now and in the future.

Role in the Parliament of the Gods

Main article: Coracan Triarchy See also: Metaparliament

The Kalengam is one of the three Triarchs of Coracan. As a Triarch, this gives him a position of great respect and authority among other metabeings.

Confusion over gender

Dreamwalkers who have met the Kalengam often disagree with each other over their gender. The general pattern is that people assume the Kalengam to have the opposite gender to their own. Female dreamwalkers describe the Kalengam as male, while male dreamwalkers say it is female. Daora Meredok, for example, assumed the Kalengam to be male.

For this reason, the convention is that writers use male or gender-neutral pronouns when referring to the Kalengam.

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