Kahju Clan

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Kahju Clan
Setting: Erudite Tales
Flag of Kahju State seal of Kahju
Flag Coat of arms
Official languages Kahju
Species Fairy
Demonym Kahju
Government Socialist hunter-gatherer
• Queen
Kahju Queen
Legislature Kahju Queen

The Kahju Clan is a clan of fairies. They are different from the other clans in that they are savage by behavior and they eat meat.


Kahju fairies possess wings similar to that of a wasp. The standard clothing consist of yellow and black striped skirts to assert their aggressive status. Their hair is usually a bright red or a bright blue while their antennae are jet black.


Aside from the natural magical capabilities of a fairy to charm others into submission, the Kahju make use of poison spears. Primarily, the Guardian stage learns to use the spears as a means of defending the younger pixie and sprite stages. Said poison is usually derived from some of Ishtar's highly toxic plants.

Their clothing is made from Lampreel silk while the colors are derived from natural dye in the nearby vicinity. Inkberries are used to create the black color while the yellow is created by harvesting Ishtar saffrons.


The Fairy Queen is revered as a physical goddess of fertility because she is the only one capable of reproduction. As a result, Kahju fairies make it their priority to provide food for the clan, willing to give their lives for the greater good. Individuality has no meaning, though every fairy that lives to the Guardian stage will wear a uniquely patterned dress.

Kahju are a hunter gatherer society. They will collect food from other plants, while Guardians will hunt other animals such as the Flying hog. When confronted by other fairy clans to compete for territory, they will resort to aggression. However, their culture dictates that the defeated individuals must die by being eaten. Therefore, Kahju rarely ever kill their victims during battle instead taking them prisoner.

Caste systems

All castes in Kahju society are largely of equal status. The Queen is not considered part of the caste system, but usually, a Hunter who has proven herself honorable many times will be chosen as queen.

  • Forager - A job for pixies and sprites, Forager will search for food and other useful items.
  • Crafter - Crafters are responsible for creating spears and clothing.
  • Hunter - Hunters are a caste reserved for Guardians. They will actively hunt predators, attack other clans and protect their own kind.

Death cutoms

Kahju believe that being eaten will cleanse the soul, allowing it to return to nature to be reborn. As cannibalism is accepted as part of their culture, captured fairies from other clans are executed by feeding the victim to the Fairy Queen as a sacrifice offering. Death by any other means is said to strand the soul in limbo forever. Therefore, corpses are disposed of by either offering it to predators or to other fairies.