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Symbol of Jie
Branches Sherayana, Mukata, Kamnaya
Venerated Jie
Demonym Yewjie

Jie, is a western religion of considerable antiquity.

It centres around a belief in 'Jie', a sort of weighing of one's good actions versus one's bad actions. It also translates to 'Law' and 'Ethics' Every act changes one's 'Jie', which is inextricably tied to one's soul. Life is one big examination. The fate of the deceased varies depending on the value of one's Jie. Souls with a passing Jie escape our broken reality intact and enter the True world where there is true freedom. Souls without a passing Jie are doomed to be churned up and recycled into new souls - oblivion.

Jie is the concept of a universal Natural Law. Yewjies attempt to adhere to this Law as closely as possible.

Many branches of Jie exist, some of which are non-theistic, while many of which are syncretic with polytheistic traditions

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