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Not to be confused with Ischa.

Ishfalla is a planet commonly known as the evening star to the people of Erudite. It appears at its brightest in the mornings and evenings, and it plays a key role in astromancy. The energies that radiate with a form of magic can be harnessed to create a variety of different potions. Ishfalla is in fact the corpse of a long dead nature goddess with faint signs of life still radiating.

During the era before the Shattering, Ishfalla was a member of the First Pantheon as the goddess of nature. Ishfalla appeared as a giant snail the size of a planet. Her body glowed an ethereal grey like a nebula among the stars while her shell was rocky with spiral patterns evoking the movement of planets and stars.

Considered the matron deity of fairies, she was responsible for the creation of numerous titanic beasts large enough to be considered gods in their own right. She entrusted the carriers of her will to the Moth Mothers, enormous moths who were the precursors to the Unelm Fairies - the moth fairies and the first of the fairy clans. During the era of the United Plane, Ishfalla was responsible for bringing life to the various insect species. She filled the United Plane's forests with primordial life while her sister Ema was responsible for the creation of mortals.

Ishfalla, being tied to the essence of the United Plane, perished when the Shattering occurred. Ishfalla's empty shell drifted across the ether until it found a stable orbit around Erudite. Overtime, the formations on her shell withered away to become much smoother to attain a rocky surface filled with deserts and mountains. Though life seems to be absent on the surface, deep inside at the core flickers faint signs of life. Even as a dead goddess, Ishfalla still influences the progress of life and magic on Erudite.

Ishfalla ensured the survival of the Moth Mothers by protecting them from the Shattering and sent them to live freely in the wild continent of Farandia after Erudite was formed.