Inner Far South Arm

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The Inner Far South Arm is one of major regions of the Crucible Galaxy.

A few notable interstellar civilizations in this area include the Karalian Empire, Union of Eteno Socialist States, Second Drussiray Empire and the Delson Hegemony. There are numerous smaller civilizations in between.

Twin Hearts Nebula

Main article: Twin Hearts Nebula

The Twin Hearts Nebula consists of two red nebulae close enough to one another to be grouped as one. It is filled with young stars early in formation and is relatively well developed with many habitable planets. There are two main clusters, Major Heart and Minor Heart.


Kani'Majoro is a small circumstellar nebula surrounding the enormous star, Eye of Uszaroth.

Krizael Expanse

Main article: Krizael Expanse

The Krizael Expanse is considered the gateway region of the Karalian Empire. It is large cluster consisting of aged red stars. They've been home to generations of previous civilizations such as the Ramusian Socialist Republic and the Children of the Dhragolon.

Pillars of Spodan

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Home to the Second Drussiray Empire

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Harvester Quarantine Zone

The Harvester Quarantine Zone is a region where Harvester activity has been isolated. The Delson Hegemony has worked fervently to keep them trapped within this area. From time to time, several Harvester forces have escaped from this region.

Bestine Maro Cluster

Main article: Bestine Maro Cluster

Delson DMZ

Main article: Delson DMZ

Kansar Nebula

Main article: Kansar Nebula

The Kansar Nebula was created from the remains of a supernova which allowed several new stars to form. The Kansar Nebula is mostly under control of the Delson Hegemony but it primarily serves as Ashadran reservation colonies.

Dragon's Head Nebula

Cintura Expanse

Line of Demarcation

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