Inala Kuri

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Inala Kuri
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Born Year of the Emu (4299/1999)
Known for Being an incarnation of the Wayfarer
Species Human
Height 172 cm

Inala Kuri is an incarnation of the Wayfarer, born in Atzlan.

Early childhood

At the age of four, she was discovered repairing a shattered ceremonial teacup with dirt to perfect condition. From there, the elders tested the child with objects from the last Wayfarer born in Atzlan. She identified the objects correctly from an assortment of similar objects. The tribal elders consulted the ancient proseweavings of Atzlan, etched into its cosmos, to raise the child based on the life of a Wayfarer who had lived many Seasons prior. Over the years, she learned that she was an incarnation of an ancient, multi-bodied traveller-restorer spirit called the Wayfarer, giving an explanation for insatiable curiosity, a need to repair broken things and dreams of other lives from other worlds.


Inala was a model Kuri tribesgirl up until very recently. Her sister was infected with a Dubium and took her own life after years of the elders pretending not to notice. While she was outraged, she pushed through all the tradition up to initiation as an adult and befriended the Outcast, an Atzlanian who broke the taboo on naming the dead, at the same time.
Now fully connected to the Ancestors, she had a means of communicating with her deceased sister, by escaping up to her lifetime. She feels guilty about not being able to cure her sister.

She wants to defy the elders, but is terrified of losing her connection to her sister and being ostracised from her people.
So, without the blessing of the Kuri elders, she dreamwalked outside Atzlan for the first time, landing in the Primanna. She wants to learn more about the Wayfarer and other incarnations, past and present.
So much change is happening and Inala feels like she should be at the forefront of it, rather than simply reacting to outside events as the elders at home seem to do.