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Id are a type of metaorganism. They consume negative emotions such as hate and fear to stay alive. While most Id are unintelligent and driven by the simple desires to stay alive and consume negative emotions, a few are intelligent and aware. Some Id, like the Wolf-id of Lupus Mundi, are even beneficial to humans.

Origin and Habitat

Id spontaneously generate from bad experiences and nasty memories. Like other metaorganisms, Id are more active, numerous and spawn more easily in dreamworlds and other worlds high on the Dream Scale

Classes of Id

Common Id

These are the most common kind. They are unintelligent and driven by instinct. However, they can still be very dangerous depending on what spawned them.


Main article: Pumpkin

Sapient Id

For more information, see Metabeing

These Id generally arise from specific fears. They are created from more complex emotions and high-level thought. These intelligent beings carefully cultivate their image of fear to stay alive. Sapient Id are often the origin of ghost stories and legends of mysterious, violent beasts. Occasionally, they may kill humans to keep their own legend alive.

Parasitic Id

These Id are unable to survive for long without being attached to another being. Usually, they don't attach themselves to metabeings, but they can and when in distress, they do. Any being to whom a parasitic Id attaches itself will experience chronic fatigue associated with the Id leeching off its brainpower. A type of parasitic Id is a cause of CHS. They avoid killing their hosts so that their hosts can keep them alive for longer.


Main article: Blettod

A blettod is metabeing, usually (but not always) an id, who overpowers the mind of a person or animal such that it takes full control of that organism's actions.

Mundal Id

These Id take control of and become entire worlds, usually Gyrus crumbs. Their primary target is children. While children are overwhelmingly likely to escape the traps laid out by these Id, they are also the most likely to be tempted by them in the first place. Entering an Id-controlled world crumb and escaping is enough to give many kids CHS.

Combat against Id

If killed in combat, a new, similar Id will form in the same place if the origin of the Id is not first removed or overwritten. Although more skilled in combat, killing a sapient Id will kill it permanently.


Main article: Nightmare

These Dreams feed exclusively on negative emotions and are distinguished from other Id by their creation of sensory experiences in people, usually while they are asleep. Occasionally, if a nightmare finds a person who has experienced really terrible things, the nightmare can grow strong enough to cause involuntary flashbacks and other visions.

Lupus Mundi Id

Main articles: Wolf, Lupus Mundi

The Wolf-Id exist in the dreamworld of Lupus Mundi.