Hopean Commonwealth

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Hopean Commonwealth
Setting: Galactic Crucibles
Flag of Hope
(and largest largest world)
Largest largest world Hope
Official languages Ihapukh
Ethnic groups 21% malak
18% epoa
9% fasi
52% others
Demonym Hopean
Government Constitutional Oligarchy
• Speaker of the Delegation
Shanban Dugenta
• Leader of the Metropolitan Caucus
Dappa Kyrkhud
• Leader of the Frontier Caucuses
Raktuk Thashazhar
• Leader of the Cornucopian Caucus
Nuryr Zha
• Leader of the Fasia-Grazer Caucuses
Huppupukh Daresh
Legislature Delegation
1,673rd octade
1,687th octade
1,701st octade
1,704th octade
1,706th octade
 • Systems 2 core systems
2 dependencies
 • Estimate 880 billion
 • Total 1,240 trillion Nras
 • Per capita 1,409 Nras
Currency Unit (GCU)
Time zone OST
Date format oooocmwd
ISO 3166 code HC

The Hopean Commonwealth is a civilisation of 4 systems at varying levels of development; though the polity is fundamentally epoa, it has attracted a wide range of races from across the galaxy. The Commonwealth is centralised around the planet Hope, its capital.


With the majority of its population concentrated on a single planet, the Hopean Commonwealth is very close to being a single-system state and, indeed, is sometimes casually referred to as such. All of Hope's territories beyond the Chaera system were acquired for political or scientific reasons, rather than a committed policy of expansion.


Chaera is the home system of the epoa, fasi and malak races. It contains the three most populous planets in the Hopean Commonwealth, including Hope itself. The system was the sole territory of the Hopean Commonwealth at its founding, and to this day contains almost all the administrative functions of the polity, including the headquarters of the Hopean Space Fleet.


Nayu is the second system of the Hopean Commonwealth; it contains the homeworld of the mibian race, as well as the ocean planet Cornucopia, the fourth most populous planet in the polity. Nayu was acquired by Hope in a dispute with the United Provinces over an ancient jump gate found in the system's expansive asteroid belt; to this day the belt is the site of a network of controversial secret research labs run by the Hopean state.


Arum is the first of Hope's two dependencies in the Negentropy Expanse, a sparse cluster of stars high above the galactic plane. It is connected by jumpgate to the asteroid belt in the Nayu system. The only significantly populated planet in the system is Exodus, a popular tourist destination within the Hopean Commonwealth. Exodus once spent over a century separated from the rest of the polity, and has developed a unique local culture of its own.

Great Disk

The Great Disk is an ancient Alderson Disk in the Negentropy Expanse, and by far the most inaccessible system in the Hopean Commonwealth. Large parts of the Great Disk are habitable, hosting several unique alien ecosystems. The site is the subject of a tentative colonisation mission alongside an extensive research programme.



Premodern Era

International System

The International System was the first step to unification under a single government. This happened relatively early on Borne - at the start of the planet's Industrial Era - but was much more haphazard than unifications on other planets. At the root of the International System were the new merchant classes which rose to prominence toward the end of the Premodern Era; these groups were highly mobile and international; they set their own codes of conduct - the Merchant Laws which governed international commerce at the time - and even established the first Merchant Courts to settle disputes internally, since their business dealings often crossed several jurisdictions. Governments at the time largely went along with this, since it was established that national governments should only concerned with their own territories.


Great Depression








Space Fleet



Hopean Community

United Provinces

Galactic Senate