History of the United Kyekna Monarchies

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Formation and first century (pre-101 UE)

  • 35 UE - Kyekna implement industrial colonization on Eklakra
  • 52 UE - Kyekna decipher the language of the Karkal people of Kalkak
  • 70 UE - Kyekna establish a colony on the moon Ezkaz of the ice giant Kelkarka.

War with the Karkal (101-215 UE)

In 101 UE, the Karkal, an extremely aggressive arthropod race from Kalkak, a planet in binary orbit with the Kyekna homeworld Kenaklesh, launched their first missile into outer space. In 136 UE, the Karkal began attacking Kyekna ships in orbit and launching missile attacks on Kenaklesh, leading to the start of a hundred-year war between the Kyekna and Karkal.

Eventually, the Kyekna wiped out the last Karkal queen in 210 UE, bringing an end to the war.

Expansion and colonization (215-623 UE)

  • 234 UE - Life found on Izekkak
  • 342 UE - The Kyekna establish a colony on the planet Chezzek in the Thyph System.
  • 397 UE - First industrial Kyekna colony is established on Okikz, also in the Thyph System.
  • 432 UE - Kyekna industrial colony established on Kekkut, in the Thyph System.
  • 507 UE - The Kyekna expand to the Bezck system, establishing a colony on the desert planet Chityl.
  • 563 UE - The Kyekna make contact with the alien Cheripod race.
  • 615 UE - The Kyekna establish two colonies in the same year, on the two habitable planets of the Trezzth system.

Chechkal Wars (623-912 UE)

Main article: Chechkal Wars

In 623 UE, the CHKC-27 AIs launched an attack against the Kyekna planet Tzalcak, resulting in several hundred casualties. The UKM eventually expelled the AIs from the system, but the alien threat was clear. A few decades later, in 692 UE, the Kyekna were alerted to a CHKC-27 AI attack on the Cheripodi, and intervened, liberating the system by 697 UE, the Cheripod joined the UKM as a result.

With the danger posed by the AIs clear, the Kyekna would strike back against the AI threat by invading the Chakkech System, menacing their bases and ships with rapid and unpredictable hit-and-run attacks, keeping their resources unextractable and their defenses constantly on full alert. Nearly half a century after the beginning of the Chakkech War, the UKM would end the war by blowing up the planet Akakech with a bomb in 798 UE.

The UKM came into contact with the Zhariz species, a race of silicon-based lifeforms from the greenhouse world of Akakz, when the Zhariz launched an expedition onto the primitive pre-garden world of Zzychka, in orbit around Tylch; The Zhariz and UKM were both attacked by the CHKC-27 AIs, and though they were defeated on Zzychka, the AIs found the homesystem of the Zhariz and attacked it. The UKM saved Zendl from the AIs, and the Zhariz became members of the United Kyekna Monarchies as a result.

Despite saving Zendl, it was clear the CHKC-27 AIs were not vanquished with the fall of Akakech, and as a result the UKM launched a campaign to take over Kichatz, a binary star with two habitable worlds in orbit. The Kichatz Campaign lasted from 824 UE to 859 UE. As more and more was learned about the AIs from the planets captured from them, it became clear that negotiation or surrender were not compatible with AI beliefs, and so the UKM set its sights on the AI capital system.

CHKC-27, the home star of the AI attackers, was an unassuming G6-class star, but investigation revealed that CHCK-27 B, the second planet of the system, was in fact the homeworld of the ancient Maganulum species, a mysterious group little was known of, as despite their immense technology, they were totally uninterested in expanding any sort of permanent colony far beyond their home system. The Maganulum were, indeed, entirely extinct, and any theories that the CHKC-27 AIs were controlled by some sort of higher power were largely abandoned in favor of the belief they were simply weapons of war now running unchecked, and notions of negotiation or peaceful resolution were off the table, replaced by various methods of total annihilation.

From 879 UE to 912 UE, the UKM and CHKC-27 AIs fought a lengthy, high-casualty war against one another in the skies above CHKC-27 B and CHKC-27 A, the de-facto capital of the AIs (who had restrictive programming regarding their creators' homeworld). In 912 UE, the UKM ended the war by slamming a lightspeed weapon into CHKC-27 A, shattering the planet and stopping its forward momentum, leaving most of its remaining mass to be swallowed whole by its own star.