History of the Omni

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What little is known of the history of the Omni has been compiled through generations of surveying ruins and gathering artifacts.

Early Age

The Algus system has been confirmed to be the home star system for the Omni race. Data records indicate that a planet known as Kollha, the second one in the system, was their former homeworld. The planet's geography has been replicated with remarkable accuracy based off of ancient video footage and planetary surveys used by the Omni themselves.

Little is known about the Early Age, as much information was lost during Kollha's destruction and the Omni themselves destroyed much of it during their conquests in order to rewrite their history. What little has been confirmed implies they were a warlike race, prone to settling disputes with bloodshed, far removed from their self-cultivated, pacifistic, propaganda-supported image during their reign over the Omni Empire.

Omni Spring

During this era, the Omni reached the stars and became a minor spacefaring power. The Republic of the Omni was small but ambitious, and they quickly began making enemies while expanding their reach. However, infighting made them weak and their foes began taking advantage of this by expanding into Omni territory.

However, led by a self-proclaimed prophet who claimed to speak for the gods, the Omni would soon discover Novarckas, a Dyson sphere created four billion years ago by an ancient civilization which they believed had direct contact with the gods. Modern historians believe that these "gods" were the Titans who had helped build the Empire of Arckas, an intergalactic civilization said to have colonized nearly the entire universe.

The transition to accepting the new technology was not easy. Initially, the Republic of the Omni refused to use the new technology and to remain stagnant. However, a coup de etat lead by an Omni named Haraxa resulted in a change in government, turning the republic into an empire. Haraxa immediately changed the laws to bring forward an imperial exploration of the Arckasian artifacts, when prior, only pirates and raiders dared explore the Arckasian ruins.

Novarckas contained large stashes of technology that helped the Omni leap forward thousands of years in scientific and technological knowledge almost overnight. As the years passed, the Omni reverse engineered the technology to try to make their own constructs. One of the first ones was the Dark Oracle, an Omni version of Antocula. Emperor Haraxa had also used similar technology to make himself immortal, transporting his consciousness into the systems of a prototype imitation of Na'zrah known as VERN. He infamously becoming the sole ruler of the entire Omni Empire during its reign.

Omni Summer

The era begins when construction on VERN was completed. The building of VERN is commonly thought of as the transition point between the Omni Spring and the Omni Summer, though others place the transition at the first use of Arckasian technology in war during the Battle of the Rings of Salhanyte.

Also referred to as the False Paradise or the Age of Darkness by those the Omni conquered, the Omni Summer was a period when the Omni very rapidly expanded across the entire Milky Way Galaxy and began using Stone Rings to reach other galaxies. These conquests were known as the the Omni Wars, or the Galactic Crusades. Regardless of species, all who were conquered would refer to themselves as "Omni."

The Omni ensured their empire's survival using VERN's abilities to control thoughts via the Stone Rings.

Omni Fall

The age of glory begun to draw to a close when Antocula the Oracle, a cybernetic creature that predicted the future using Na'zrah's computing power, revealed to the Omni priests that the Omni Empire would soon meet its end and be destroyed. The priests informed the imperial officials of the prophecy, and they refused to believe it. In the interest of suppressing panic among civilians, the empire sent a group of priests to subdue Antocula and indoctrinate him under VERN. This led to unrest among Omni theologians and the government conspiracies became widespread. The anti-VERN paramilitary group known as the Dark Warriors viewed this particular act as utter blasphemy against the Titans causing the group to gain more media attention.

Eventually, the Dark Warriors succeeded in assassinating Haraxa and stopping the spread of VERN. While VERN was put in low power stasis, it actually contained a backup version of Haraxa's mind. Thus, after several years, a new body in Titan form was created for Haraxa to inhabit known as Infra.

Omni Winter

Infra, now operating in secret, was directed by VERN to exact revenge on the Omni species, who in VERN's eyes had become delusional having defied VERN's will. Infra, in secret, began to raise an army for VERN with the creation of the cybernetic creatures known as the Harbingers. He schemed a plan centuries in the making to bring down the Omni Empire, taking advantage of the political turmoil after his "death" created a power vacuum.

With the infighting that came to pass, Infra used the Harbingers to infect a species known as the Ghorax, a spacefaring empire that was once under Omni control, but became liberated after Haraxa's "death". The Ghorax experienced a civil war and reformed itself into the Buyuk Empire. Now the Omni were suddenly posed with a threat they did not expect, and they met their swift extinction at the hands of the Buyuk.

With the last remnants of the Omni Empire now destroyed, Infra retreated to the Galactic Core where he would bide his time to allow the Buyuk Empire to spread and dominate the entire galaxy. They would remain unopposed for thousands of years until the rise of the First Galactic Senate.