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Welcome to the Omniverse Nexus! We're excited to see that you've expressed interest in joining our worldbuilding community. Below is all the information you'll need to get started with us!

Why Choose the Nexus?

We are a friendly, supportive community. We at the Omniverse Nexus welcome all users seeking to make a contribution to our multiverse. We strive to make ours a vibrant community and to create an enjoyable environment for all our creators.

We are independently operated. Since 2015, we have been independent of wiki farms. The site is otherwise entirely operated by enthusiastic volunteers. The owner of the domain is Krayfishkarl but the Omniverse Nexus is otherwise a collectively owned entity.

We welcome whomever is willing to collaborate, whatever their talents. Is writing not your cup of tea? No worries! There are plenty of other things for you to do here. We could always use help in facets such as illustrations. If you're more into helping improve other people's work, you can become an editor or enter collaborative relationships with other users. Perhaps you think our site could use some improvements, and have experience in that end? If so, you can help us improve our site layout and templates. Otherwise, we may need help completing some manual tasks.

These are just a few examples of what you can do to contribute in the Omniverse Nexus. For more information, see the "Helping Out" section below.

How to Join

Before you're able to create an account, we ask that you join our Discord server here. Once you are there, please introduce yourself and express your interests and goals for the Nexus. After that, send a PM to Krayfishkarl to request the creation of a wiki account. After your account is created, you will also be given the Member permission on the Discord server to gain access to all the other text channels available to regular users. That way, you'll be able to take part in discussing, planning and sharing your ideas.

The reason for this process in creating an account is to deter spambots. This has not proven to be an obstacle to the community as most of our discussions take place on the Discord server.

Expanding the Omniverse

Picking a Setting

We have six Settings, each of different genres. It is highly recommended but not required to start creating for one Setting before moving on to others. There are no limits to the number of Settings you can write for. Some users write for all of them. Just pick whichever Setting you feel most comfortable writing for.


Once you've chosen your Setting, you'll need to go to one of the designated pitch channels on our Discord server. Each setting has their own chat channel category, and you'll be able to find the related pitch channel there. On that channel, you'll be able to create your application for your idea. Once your pitch has been published, all other users will be able to comment on your pitch, providing feedback and constructive criticism. The pitch will be officially approved when two of the settings' Loremasters add the green checkmark reaction to your pitch.

To be the most successful, it is highly recommended to speak with other users and discuss your ideas before posting your pitch. If you would like more help, see this page this page for tips on making your pitch a success.

Learning the Ropes

Once you've gotten past the pitching stage, you can now integrate your creation into the wider Setting! At this point, you may now create articles relating to your creation. Other creators working in the same Setting will help you ensure your creation can seamlessly fit into the existing universe.

If you're new to editing wikis, you can learn the essentials from our Help Guide. Wiki editing poses a substantial learning curve and mistakes are inevitable, but don't be discouraged! Many of our most experienced users and staff were once in your shoes. So don't be afraid to try things out! The staff and community are here to support you.

Helping Out

What You Can Do to Help

Is creating new stories and content not your strong suit? If not, then don't worry! There's a never-ending stream of other work to be done at Omniverse Nexus. There is always something you can do to help no matter your strengths, weaknesses, and level of experience. The main editing tasks are listed below.

Administrators will occasionally issue site-wide announcements when they need users' opinions or helping hands for a specific project. Feel free to ask a staff member if you would like them to give you a specific task.


If you're not up to creating, perhaps you'd like to edit existing work instead. Omniverse Nexus employs a high quality standard, and so editors are always needed to help creators improve their work.

  • Sometimes, articles are flagged with a maintenance notice if it is found that it needs some improvement. This could range from grammatical or spelling errors, to layout and syntax shortfalls. You can help these articles' creators by fixing them. You may also raise attention to any story inconsistencies you find. Articles in need of maintenance are listed here.
  • Before you edit an article, please contact its writer and seek their permission. You can find out who owns the article by looking at the list of categories at the bottom; search for the category entitled "Articles by User:Owner".
  • Many editors like to use the random page function (located in the sidebar on the left) to look through wiki pages to edit.
  • If you notice an issue with an article, tag it with an appropriate maintenance notice. Each notice has a documentation page that shows you how to use the template.


If you think of yourself as more of an artist or graphics designer, we need you too! We strive to use as much original artwork as possible, so if you're interested in helping out on this front, feel free to ask for work!

  • If you notice that an article is lacking illustrations or has been flagged as such, contact the owner of that article and ask if they are interested in having some artwork created by you.


Some Settings are more grounded in reality than others. Naturally, they may require a higher standard of accuracy. As such, researchers are needed to help maintain this standard.

  • Users with a strong grounding in science or history can help verify the scientific accuracy of technologies, or the historical plausibility of events.
  • Users familiar with real world folklore and mythology can be of great help too especially for fantasy Settings.

Manual Tasks

  • Users are sometimes needed for many manual tasks in order to implement a change on a large number of wiki articles. If you enjoy repetitive work, ask an administrator if they currently have a manual task for you.


Main article: Omniverse Nexus:Staff

Administrators are users with extra abilities. They are capable of changing the appearance of the site and deleting articles. User:Krayfishkarl is the only admin with access to the site's backend server and is capable of installing new extensions or restoring the wiki from a backup. Do not hesitate to contact an admin if you have any questions or concerns.